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2009 Worlds: Uchimura Wins Men’s All-Around

Congratulations to Kohei Uchimura for winnng the Men’s All-Around.  Exactly like I thought he would.  After the Beijing AA Finals I predicted this guy to be in the next Olympics, and wow he is amazing!  This is the first men’s event I have watched since the Olympics and Uchimura is just so talented.

Congrats and how cool it must be to be Daniel Keatings, the 2009 All Around World Silver Medalist with a home crowd audience!

Yuri Ryazanov of Russia took the bronze, which I also liked because Maxim Devyatovsky is again left out of the medals.  I don’t like poor sports and his past displays have disgusted me.

Heartbreak of the night was Jonathan Horton!  5th place in qualifying he ended up 17th.  Universal Sports didn’t even show his routines after the first couple of events, as he was last place for the first two rotations!  Sadness.  I hope he fights back to win a medal on HB on Sunday!

And congratulations to Tim McNeill for his 7th place finish.  I think things will be going well for the future of USA MAG.  Way to go men!


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2009 Worlds: Results From MAG Qualifications

If you click here you can get live updates from MAG Prelims.


Kohei Uchimura leads so far.  Jonathan Horton is doing well, trouble on pommels, very good hugh bar routine, he ends with 5th place overall.  Maxim Devyatovsky was the leader in the first round, he is second as of right now, Daniel Keatings is in 4th, just in front of Horton.  Oh my!  I just learned that so far USA’s Tim McNeill is in 3rd place!!!!  Ahead of Horton???

EDIT/UPDATE-  Uchimura still leads.  Unfortunately Diego Hypolito ended up ninth on FX and out of the final, one of my faves Marian Dragulescu may be the leader on FX (will post official lists soon as I find them) and I believe will qualify to VT finals as well.  Danell Leyva beat Horton on HB (15,450 I believe).  Steven Legendre was 6th on FX last time I checked….should make finals.

One sub division left!!!

At the end of the day, I will make a post with my commentary.

I will do this EVERY day of Worlds, minus Saturday.  I will not watch any Event Finals until Sunday when everyone leaves my house.  (Hey now, it’s Gator Homecoming, what can I do?)  But on Sunday I will make a huge post.

I have so much work to do…I really want to do a WAG Predictions and Hopes post….we will see if I have time.

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