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The He Kexin Age Debate Continues

Wow. Here is an article written in which it is stated that He Kexin in fourteen years old. Please check it out here. Now please keep in mind that this article also says that Nastia Liukin is a three time balance beam world champion (only two, 2005 and 2007) but it is quite interesting to see this.

My new thought about the age falsification is how it is unfair to the age eligible athletes on the team. What if this becomes a huge controversy and suddenly ALL the Chinese are banned from competing. All hypothetical, but it would be awful if suddenly Cheng Fei would be punished from being able to make history on vault and win Olympic medals.

Like I said, I think that the age rule is rotten. The best should be allowed to compete regardless of age, and the rule is unfair when you are not allowed to enforce it amongst everybody.

Who knows. Maybe this will become the “scandal” of the year with gymnastics. Let’s see:

2004- Paul Hamm/Yang Tae Young controversy over the AA gold. And let’s not forget the Men’s high bar where the insane crowd protest actually caused Alexei Nemov‘s score to be changed. Not to mention other scores that experts claimed wrong.

2000- Women’s AA vault set at the wrong height.  EDIT- Duh.  Andreea Raducan‘s gold medal being stripped.

1996- Crowd control? The fact that the cheering for the Americans was so loud Roza Galieva was unable to hear her FX music…TWICE. I am unfamiliar with anything that may have happened on the men’s side.

1992- ? Tatiana Gutsu being put into the place of Galieva? I am not sure if that meets the criteria.

So what will the controversy of 2008 be?



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