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Scores from the Chinese Nationals

Ok, some scores started pouring out.  Here’s what I got so far…..

Cheng Fei– on a yurchenko double and the Cheng a 15.5 and 16.1.  FX was a 6.3 and she got a 15.750.

Jiang Yuyuan– 16.100 for her SOLID Amanar, and 15.700 for her FX with a 6.3 A-score. 15.850 on UB, and 15.2 on beam.  I think she will be doing well in the AA come Beijing time 🙂

Li Shanshan– 16.950 for beam!!  That seems a little high, some of these scores do.  I am wondering if her difficulty was back up to a 7.5.  I wouldn’t count her out of the mix yet!

Sui Lu– 16.650 on beam with a 7.1 A-score.  A 15.700 on FX.  I LIKE this girl!  She needs to be on the Olympic team, and her barani Korbut combo on beam is rockin.

Yang Yilin did great!  Stuck DTY for a 15.350, 17.050 on bars, 14.450 on beam, 15.200 for FX.  Not bad!  With a hit BB she is also in the AA mix for Beijing.

Xiao Sha got a 16.300 on beam.

He Kexin not only got a 17.300 on bars but a 15.300 for her DTY.

He Ning scored a 16.050 on bars with a 7.0 A-score.

Pang Panpan is out with an ankle injury.

Who I see on the Olympic Team-

Cheng Fei

Jiang Yuyuan

He Kexin

Yang Yilin

Sui Lu

And the last spot I see as a toss up between Xiao Sha and Li Shanshan.  I really like He Ning though.



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