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Ode to Tailgating

So football season has started.  I have vowed to go up every home game and cheer on the Gators.  This weekend was particularly spectacular as it had all the makings that ensure the day will be perfect bliss; night time game, more visitors, and a noon to seven-thirty drinking extravaganza.

There is nothing like tailgating.  First off, my site run by friends is staked off to make sure we have enough room for the large tractor grill, tents, a TV, chairs, and room to both park and run around.  I got to see people I haven’t seen in a couple of years, and everyone just comes together in Gator glory.

You sit around watching other games on the TV and talking amongst others.  Those beers go fast out in the sun, and you are in such euphoria because you realize how lucky you are to be a gator.  Everyone loves each other, everyone is there for the same reason.

The game of course was wonderful!  I experienced my first game from the student section (I know, I know) and I can’t get over how crazy it is!  I would have been a little happier if he had scored a touchdown or two more, but it was damn good to see the defense play as well as they did.  If our offense just wakes up a bit more and realizes it is football season, we are going to be freaking awesome!  My new favorite player has become Brandon James, because he simply is just badass.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin tons, but wow has James been amazing me.  His 70 yard or so punt return during last week’s game against Hawaii was incredible.

Oh and did I forget to mention that yesterday was the first time since 1985 that we beat the Hurricanes?  Yes, that felt damn good too.

Oh yeah, and stupid Ohio State fell below us in the rankings, BECAUSE THEY SUCK.  Don’t get me started on USC…..

I love getting wasted, eating great food, great conversations, and of course, the adrenaline that comes with football!




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The Gator Gymnastics team competed today at the NCAA National Prelims. They tied for third with Standford, both teams earning 196.900. Georgia is looking for their fourth consecutive team title and used the home court advantage to qualify first with a 197.625. In second place Utah scored a 196.950, just a half tenth in front Florida and Stanford.

Melanie Sinclair tied for 3rd in the All-Around with a score of 39.525. Go Melanie. 2000 Olympian Tasha Schwikert of UCLA won the title with a 39.600, a half tenth in front the the favorite to win, Utah’s Ashley Postell, also the 2002 Wold Balance Beam Champion.

The gators gave up some tenths with steps on vault, as well as dismounts from bars and beam. They sored quite well on floor. In my opinion, Georgia is going to have to count a fall for any team to beat them.


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Gator post #1…..Another win last night.

Another Victory last night for the Florida Gators defeating Arizona State 70-57 in the NIT Tournament (Which we like to call the Not Important Tournament). The Gators now head to Madison Square Gardens where they will play UMASS in the “Final Four”.

My roommate and I have discussed how very much Important this tournament has become to us. Winning it would put something very Important out. It would give our boys a taste of what victory feels, so that next year they can dominate in the NCAA Tournament. But even more importantly, it would follow the new Gator tradition that has emerged, in which for every basketball or football season we set a new record…..

1. Basketball Season 06′. The Gators mark the first time UF has ever won the National Championship.

2. Football Season 06′. Winning the National Championship here marked the first time a school won in the same calendar year. Thus, basketball and football champions 06′.

3. Basketball Season 07′. This National Championship marked this first time a team won back to back championships with the same starting five. (I know haters, there have been back to back championships in basketball, but none with the same starters! Look it up!)

4. Football Season 07′. Though no championship here, we did have the Heisman for our lovely Tim Tebow. And the record here, first time the award went to an underclassmen, as Tebow was a Sophomore.

Which leads us to the newest possible record to set…..No basketball team has ever followed a national championship with a NIT championship.

And there you have it.
GO GATORS. gator-logo.jpg


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