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Random Gymnastics Thoughts

So I got back into blogging, fell back out.   Really it was just school.  Because let me tell you, Worlds put me so far back with my assignments.  Plus we all know there is a lull after such a big meet.   Of course I still keep up with everything.  And since I feel like writing a blog post yet have no particular concentration, I am writing all the random things I have been contemplating and discussing with my gymnastics buddy.  These are in no random order whatsoever.

  • Who will destroy Alicia Sacramone‘s comeback?  Will it be Kayla Williams, the girl who has the light speed ability to improve, and someone who looks to be a true force and a rock of a competitor?  Will it be Asac’s reincarnation from her own gym, Alexandra Raisman (who I believe may show us the real first quad twist on floor) or even Alica’s own body betrayal?

  • Aliya Mustafina will be standing on the AA podium at the 2010 Worlds

  • Viktoria Komova will be standing on the AA podium the year after that
  • Shawn Johnson and even Nastia Liukin will not compete again.  Comebacks may come when endorsements run out, but that is it.

  • Anna Myzdrikova I already hope to be the 2010 FX champion
  • Cheng Fei will come back. She will.
  • Nobody will ever do a front handspring better than Lilia Podkopayeva.  NO ONE comes close to that; her feet are even together.
  • I think it is a huge mistake to hold off using the 5-3-3 team format until the London Games; it is a bad idea period to use the Olympics as a test for anything.

  • On that note, the age rule is now even more frustrating.  For instance, our current junior national champion, Kyla Ross will not be senior eligible until 2012 (as opposed to the previous rule where she could have been competing in 2011).  Considering the year before is a qualifier to the next year’s Olympics, think about what that does to the non power countries.  Let’s say that Nastia came from oh…..Iceland (trying to pick a place where they don’t get a spot) and that she doesn’t turn 16 until the year of the Games.  She wouldn’t be able to compete because no one qualified for a spot the year before.  That would be wrong.  I oppose anything that prevents the best in the world from competing.  This is why I was sort of turning my back on the He Kexin debate last year.  Furthermore, one of the reasons the age rule is there is because those in charge think that it puts too much pressure on the youngins.  I will have to disagree with this because you can’t advance in this sport without being able to deal with pressure.   My proposed age rule is this:  When you are eligible to compete in the next Games, you are senior eligible for that quad.  Meaning that starting January 1st 2009, Kyla Ross would have the option to go senior.
  • if I haven’t harped enough, I am sooooo hoping for Russian reemergence this quad, starting with the 2010 worlds.  In addition to Mustfina, Tatiana Nabieva is another going senior.  I think the Russians need a bit more for vault (hopefully Nabieva can clean up that Amanar) and then I just don’t see where they have a weakness.

  • I wonder what will happen with Bridget Sloan; will she fade out?  Will she remain useful?  If she got an Amanar (and I am dying for her to do the front triple twist on FX) she would up her own usefulness.  Interesting stuff to think about.
  • Will Chellsie Memmel return?  I want her to so bad!  She and Nastia have sort of an open invitation to comeback whenever due to their incredible usefulness on one event; bars.  I also find it odd that bars has become our weak event over the last couple of years considering  they were once our strong event.

That is all for now, folks.


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    2009 Worlds: Event Finals Commentary

    Wow.  So I must say that I have heard a lot of comments about this Worlds being boring.  Um….no.  This was WAY better than 2005 (comparable because there is typically a bit of a lull the year following the Olympics) and I think the quality of gymnastics that we saw we typically much higher than what we usually see after the Olympics.

    So let me just say that Worlds interrupted my life a little bit (and happily so).  I was very behind in school work, forcing me to come home directly after the nail biting Gator Football game and write a paper.  I watched the first night of EF until about 4am, and woke up at 7:45am to watch Day 2.  I nodded off during parallel bars a little bit.

    But here were the things that made me yell out loud.

    1.  Kayla Williams.  Well, her life just changed.  She will definitely be on the next world team.  The first American woman to win a world vault title.  But it’s not just that…..the quickness in which she has improved over the last few months is of Chellsie Memmel quality.  I am also willing to nominate her in the gruop of “Best DTY Vaulters” because I have seen what….5 or 6 DTYs from her and she has stuck….well, like all of them!  Hello the new Vanessa Atler (minus the nerves).  Can we also talk about how awesome her attitude is?  She is all business, and look at the way she runs off the podium when she is done, adorable.  Then she fights back tears.  Hello to one of my new favorites.

    2.  Beth Tweddle if this is your last competition I am glad it ends with a gold medal for you.  Nice last pass.  Sad she didn’t make bar finals.

    3.  Anna Myzdrikova would have beat Tweddle if not for that last pass.  The whip double arabian was one of the best pieces of gymnastics I have seen in quite some time.  (Or since Kayla’s DTY haha)  The Triple back tuck combo is also something of great originality.  I love this girl’s floor.  I am sad she didn’t come away with a medal.  But her awesome performances put hope into my, ‘Will the Russians reemerge as a gold medal threat?”  i can wait and hope.  bet you she will be on the World Team next year.

    4.  Ana Porgras is another person I am excited about.  3 EF’s and some really great style!  Her Memmel turn  on floor is amazing!  Really excited about this girl’s future.  How I wish she wouldn’t have fallen off the beam!

    5.  Yay for Marian Dragulescu winning two gold medals!  How I wish this would have been the Olympics!

    Side notes-

    He Kexin is looking even better.  WOW.

    -I wish Ivana Hong hadn’t wobbled all over the place, I think she could have gotten gold.

    Rebecca Bross didn’t do the Gogean, she only did a half.  In the AA I thought this was a mistake….was this planned?  Also, I like her double L.  These elements could have made her bronze on floor.

    -After Chinese Nationals, I said that if Deng Linlin didn’t fall, she would be world champion on beam.  This happened.

    Ksenia Semenova I am hoping just didn’t have enough time to perpare (I also heard she has a back injury, dunno if that is true) which I hope is the reason for her poor showing.  I really like her style.  Also I have that Russian hope for 2012.

    Lauren Mitchell is now a force to be reckoned with.  Watch out world.  i am still hoping that Dasha Joura will come back better than ever next year.

    -I hope Anna Pavlova is continuing and coming back.

    – I am not a big fan of Sui Lu‘s FX.  Sorry.

    -My biggest complain is the stupid bonus gymnasts get by doing jumps after passes (like Mitchell’s stag after her double arabian, though she does it nicely).  This completely negates the “stick your tumbles” rule.  Hate it.

    -Beam and floor routines are a lot smoother and look better with the code cutting it down to 8 skills.  Much better.

    -These execution scores are ridiculous.  Let’s take William’s DTYT score….a 9.175?  I think that was actually the HIGHEST execution score of WAG Worlds.  That should have been like at least a 9.5.  I would take a tenth for the split legs on the preflight, one for the slight crossing of the ankles toward the end.  MAYBE a tenth for distance.  You know what?  Let’s take a tenth for height too.  She lands ON THE LINE so no deduction there.  Okay, well that E-score is a 9.600.  What the heck is with all that anyway?

    Here is a list of what I wish would have happened at Worlds….


    1.  Bross

    2.  Sloan

    3.  Porgras


    1.  Hong Un Jong (wish she hand’t fell even if I love Kayla)

    2.  Ariella Kaeslin (this really happened!!!!)

    3.  Mzydrikova


    1.  Kexin

    2.  Tweddle

    3. Semenova


    1.  Deng (yay!)

    2.  Porgras

    3.  Bross


    1.  Tweddle (another ‘yes’!)

    2.  Myzdrikova

    3.  Mitchell (this is actually my favorite routine, but Myz’s tumbles I like better)

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    2009 Worlds: WOW! Thoughts on Qualifications


    First off, here are the standings after Qualifications:


    1. Bross (USA) 57.400
    2. Porgras (ROU) 57.300
    3. Mitchell (AUS) 56.675
    4. Deng (CHN) 56.350
    5. Sloan (USA) 56.075
    6. Kurbatova (RUS) 55.950
    7. Tsurumi (JPN) 55.925
    8. Yang (CHN) 55.500
    9. Kaeslin (SUI) 55.450
    10. Semenova (RUS) 54.900


    1. Williams (USA) 14.812
    2. Hong Un Jong (PRK) 14.787
    3. Myzdrikova (RUS) 14.450
    4. Kaeslin (SUI) 14.325
    5. Kurbatova (RUS) 14.225
    6. Dufournet (FRA) 14.212
    7. Rogers (CAN) 13.975
    8. Garcia (MEX) 13.862


    1. He Kexin (CHN) 15.975
    2. Rebecca Bross (USA) 15.050
    3. Cha Hyong Wa (PRK) 15.025
    4. Tsurumi (JPN) 14.775
    5. Miller (AUS) 14.650
    6. Sloan (USA) 14.600
    7. Porgras (ROU) 14.575
    8. Licchetta (ITA) 14.200


    1. Porgras (ROU) 14.850
    2. Kim Un Hyang (PRK) 14.775
    3. Deng Linlin 14.450
    4. Hong (USA) 14.400
    5. Mitchell (AUS) 14.400
    6. Tsurumi (JPN) 14.375
    7. Yang Yilin (CHN) 14.375
    8. Preziosa (ITA) 14.275


    1. Myzdrikova (RUS) 14.500
    2. Sui Lu (CHN) 14.275
    3. Porgras (ROU) 14.175
    4. Tweddle (GBR) 14.075
    5. Mitchell (AUS) 14.050
    6. Gil Ortitz (COL) 14.050
    7. Deng Linlin (CHN) 14.00
    8. Bross (USA) 13.950

    WOW!  So many unexpected happenings!  I can barely organize a single thought, so I will go through each individual gymnast….

    Rebecca Bross–  1st after qualifications WITH A FALL!  Considering that 2nd place Romanian Ana Porgras did not fall….this is definitely Bross’s title to lose Friday.  No major mistakes should give her the win.  An unfortunate over rotation on her Patterson beam dismount made Bross just miss beam finals (14.150).  Too bad because the translation of that score would be enough to get the gold.  I thought Bross could make UB finals (which she did, qualified 2nd) but I thought there would be no way she would medal.  I was wrong.  Bross also qualified 8th into FX finals (13.950).   Should someone scratch from the beam final, Bross is the 1st reserve.  I am excited, because gymnastically, Bross is my favorite right now.  I love her style, the way she hooks her hand as she goes into round off.  I am conflicted though, because I believe that if Bross is the 2012 champ, WOGA will rule the world in gymnastics, and I would absolutely loathe that.

    Bridget Sloan– Had a bit of an off day, qualifying 5th into finals.  I feel like Bridget is a 2nd day gymnast…should do better Friday.  She did not made FX finals (rough landings) which I expected, and made bar finals, which I actually did not expect.  I love her bars though, that piked toe on Tkatchev is awesome!  She also fell on beam.  But this is kind of like Nationals….hopefully Sloan will pull it all out for Friday….


    Ana Porgras–  Hats off to the Romanian of the future!  She qualified 2nd into the AA, 1st on beam, 3rd on floor, and 7th on bars!  I completely expected her to be top 3 on beam, and MAYBE qualify for FX, but wow!  Porgras also shows a form and style not typically seen from the Romanians.  I now predict that Porgras is to be the new Romanian star of the quad….I will go as far as predicting that she will be back in London for 2012.  After watching some videos on youtube, I must say the potential for Porgras is immense.  Furthermore, this is her first major meet and looks how she comes out on the first day!  This will be a force to be reckoned with, mark my words.

    Kayla Williams–  QUALIFIED 1ST INTO VAULT FINALS OVER THE OLYMPIC CHAMPION!!!!!  Enough said right there.  This girl will medal on Saturday.  Unfortunately, teammate Bross took over her FX spot for finals.

    Anna Myzdrikova–  An amazing floor routine qualifies her first.  I predicted she would be on the medal stand.  She also qualified 3rd into VT finals!  Whoo-hoo!  Anyone following this blog knows that I am hoping upon hope that the Russians are about to emerge again as a gold medal force to be reckoned with this quad.

    Ksenia Semenova–  The disappointment of the day for me.  She didn’t qualify to any event finals, and is 10th in the AA standings right now 😦

    My heart goes out to Beth Tweddle.  A large mistake left her from UB EF.   She does have a really great floor set, and a stumble on her first pass tells us that she may well take the gold on this event…it is definitely possible.

    My official predictions for Finals:


    Bross, Porgras, Sloan.  I am hesitant between bumping one of those names out and putting in Lauren Mitchell.


    Hong Un Jong will pull it out and score gold.  Williams will be second, and I think Ariella Kaeslin will end up 3rd over Anna Myzdrikova.


    He Kexin is a sure bet for first if she doesn’t fall, it is impossible to catch her if she hits.  I think Bross will be second, followed by Koko Tsurumi.  Who knows though.  Cha Hyong Wa will medal if she goes as clean as she did today. If something happens, and Bridget does not get an AA medal, for some reason i think she will throw the routine of her life and get a bronze.


    I think Ana Porgras will be first, Deng Linlin second, and either Ivana Hong or Lauren Mitchell for bronze.  We shall see.  Keep in mind that 2nd through 8th place are separated by 5 tenths of a point.  Deng got penalized for overtime, Hong and Mitchell did not perform their best routines (Mitchell had a bigger mistake I believe–so more potential to score big)


    I think Tweddle will rally and pull off the gold for a wonderful close to the competition/her career.  I hope she does.  I am hoping for Myzdrikova to place second.  I think Sui Lu or Ana Porgras will take bronze.

    What I have learned this day:

    China has the power to rule the world in gymnastics.  I am also hoping against hope that as the quad progresses (and juniors become seniors) that Russia will emerge as the greats they once were.  Scoring is bizzaro low to me, I can only hope that gets better with the quad.  And obviously the scoring tweaks have done nothing to eliminate those who can win with a fall, as Bross is in first with a fall.

    As with the Nationals this year, it is such a different experience to watch without super favorites and root for so many people!  It is so much fun.

    I cannot wait for Friday!

    Nice Link to EF qualifiers here

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    2009 Worlds: WAG Qualifications Results – Rebecca Bross Leads With a Fall

    Click here for live updates.

    I will update this post all day long.  Turmoil for Bridget Sloan so far, fall on beam and messy floor has her behind Kayla Williams for FX!  Rebecca Bross can probably take away the FX Final spot.  Ivana Hong is currently 3rd on beam with a good routine (think she had a fall on bars)  Deng Linlin also had a good beam set but Romanian’s Ana Porgras leads beam so far!


    Beth Tweddle fell and will not be in bar finals 😦  Awwww, and neither will Ksenia Semenova

    Even with a bad beam set, not her best floor, Sloan is 3rd in the AA with 2 subdivisions left.  Deng is in second, Porgras 1st.

    Sloan may be making bar finals (yay!)  And He Kexin received the only score in the 15’s with a 15.975 on her bar set.  (As a poster on wwgym said; Kexin could stop in the middle of her routine, go have a smoke break, and still qualify, hahahaha).

    Yang Yilin will not be in bar finals 😦

    Standings after 4 subdivisions (1 more left)


    1. Porgras (ROU) 57.300
    2. Deng (CHN) 56.350
    3. Sloan (USA) 56.075
    4. Kurbatova (RUS) 55.950
    5. Tsurumi (JPN) 55.925
    6. Yang (CHN) 55.500
    7. Semyonova (RUS) 54.900
    8. Dufournet (FRA) 54.375
    9. Morel (FRA) 54.200
    10. Bui (GER) 54.175

    1. Kayla Williams (USA) 14.812
    2. Hong Un Jong (PRK) – 14.787
    3. Ekaterina Kurbatova (RUS) 14.225
    4. Youna Dufournet (FRA) – 14.212
    5. Brittany Rogers (CAN) – 13.975
    6. Marissa King (GBR) – 13.850
    7. Jana Komrskova (CZE) – 13.812
    8. Valeri Maksiuta (ISR) 13.675

    1. He Kexin (CHN) – 15.975
    2. Cha Yong Hwa (PRK) – 15.025
    3. Koko Tsurumi (JPN) – 14.775
    4. Larrissa Miller (AUS) 14.650
    5. Bridget Sloan (USA) – 14.600
    6. Ana Porgras (ROU) – 14.475
    7. Ekaterina Kurbatova (RUS) – 14.200
    7. Serena Licchetta (ITA) – 14.200

    1. Ana Porgras (ROU) – 14.850
    2. Kim Un Hyang (PRK) – 14.775
    3. Deng Linlin (CHN) – 14.450
    4. Ivana Hong (USA) 14.400
    5. Koko Tsurumi (JPN) – 14.375
    5. Yang Yilin (CHN) 14.375
    7. Elisabetta Preziosa (ITA) – 14.275
    8. Ksenia Semenova (RUS) – 14.075

    1. Sui Lu (CHN) – 14.275
    2. Ana Porgras (ROU) – 14.175
    3. Beth Tweddle (UK) – 14.075
    4. Deng Linlin (CHN) 14.00
    5. Kayla Williams (USA) 13.900
    6. Youna Dufournet (FRA) – 13.625
    7. Bridget Sloan (USA) – 13.600
    8. Ekaterina Kurbatova (RUS) 13.475

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    Rumors From World’s Podium Training

    Here is the word on the street…

    Bridget Sloan has been rocking the DTY’s couple stuck, the full twist on the DLO looks great too.

    Kayla Williams doesn’t appear to have thrown the Amanar yet, Rudi is being thrown, legs a bit messy. Changed around floor, triple twist isn’t a a side pass.

    Rebecca Bross is looking well, good DTY, a little trouble on bars, but good releases and stuck landings.

    -Ivana Hong– late bar turns, low Tkatchev, what’s new? 🙂 I must say I love Ivana though! I will be rooting for her on beam. Hopefully she’s fixed up that full turn!

    Training Photos can be viewed here

    Also, a really great preview can be found here

    I am insanely excited! I will be blogging all throughout Worlds, and I think it is safe to say….”I’m back.” One of my grad school classes is Internet Technology/Instruction and I am learning A LOT! I have to make a customized search engine, and I am going to make a gymnastics one! It will be posted on my site when I am done with it, which will be before midnight on Sunday because that is when it is due!!!


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    Get Ready for Worlds!

    The US announced Sunday that the World Team will be Bridget Sloan, Rebecca Bross, Ivana Hong, and Kayla Williams.  The alternates will be Kytra Hunter and Mackenzie Caquatto will be the alternates.

    A few interesting notes:

    -Although placing 1st on bars and 2nd on floor at the Final Selection Camp, Cassandra Whitcomb was not even announced as an alternate.

    -Kayla Williams will perform an Amanar and a layout Rudi vault!  In my opinion, if she puts both to her feet, that is a guaranteed medal.  And those vaults can DEFINITELY challenge for the gold.

    -Bridget put her full twist back into her bars DLO dismount, and added another jump on beam, and a turn on floor.  I am still wanting her to throw the triple front full if she gets to FX finals (which she should with a clean prelims performance).

    -I am wondering if Ivana and Rebecca have upgrades.  I would very much like to see Ivana’s double front back on floor.  She has lost a bit of time to a sore ankle and a bout of the flu.

    Can’t wait…Prelims in a week!

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    Rio, Chellsie, Russian Juniors, and Other Tidbits

    I have been trying to get back into blogging.  I think about it all the time, but quite frankly graduate school is kicking my ass at the moment.

    So Rio won the 2016 Olympic bid.  I have family near Chicago and really wanted an Olympic Games in my backyard.

    Chellsie Memmel announced her withdrawal from the Worlds Selection.  WHY?  She was rumored to have a 6.7 D score on bars.  Damn it.  I just love Chellsie Memmel and want to see her with as many medals as possible!  She also supposedly had all her skills back on beam….which wouldn’t surprise me anyway.  Sigh, as much as I don’t want to wait, Chellsie is STILL VERY VALUABLE to team USA as long as she’s got bars.  Weird that our once strongest event is now our weakest….

    Wuth Memmel’s announcement I am now sure of 3/4 Worlds Team members; Bridget Sloan, Rebecca Bross, and Ivana Hong.  Sloan and Bross will do AA, And Hong will do all but vault.  I see the last spot to go to Kayla Williams for vault only, OR Kytra Hunter (who I would prefer and who will be on UF’s gymnastic team in 2010!) who could possibly take away Ivana’s floor spot.  Either way I don’t think it matters; Bross and Sloan with clean performances will both advance to FX finals.  let’s look these girls possibilities:

    Bridget Sloan-  definitely could win AA, has a good chance for UB and FX finals.  UB I don’t even think she will medal (and that’s if she advances) but FX on the other hand I think she could actually win gold on.  ESPECIALLY if she throws the rumored triple front twist.  I think she should, her Randi looked over rotated at Nationals.

    Rebecca Bross-  Gymnastically, Bross is my favorite right now.  I love her ‘WOGA arms”, the way she hooks her hand as she goes into round off, and all her beam correography at the beginning to the standing arabian always gets me.  I think some of it needs to be improved on floor, but I love her National Teasure Suite, her bars, etc. etc. etc.  What I DON’T love about Bross is the fact that she is a Wogette.  I can’t have WOGA producing 3 Olympic champs straight; they will rule to the world.  No. No, no, no.  But I still root for her. She has the potential to make UB, BB, and FX finals though I think her only shot of a medal is FX.

    Ivana Hong- Has a shot at a beam medal.  That’s about it.  I LOVE her on beam.  She has the prettiest Onodi.  Other than her turn, her switch leap needing a bit of work, and the low chest on the dismount, Ivana’s E score should be good, and a 6 or 6.1 D score is pretty solid.  Unfortunately Deng Linlin has a 6.7 and with a clean routine I think will hands down be the gold medalist.  Watch Deng’s current beam routine here

    Kayla and Kytra battle it out mostly through vault.  Whomever has TWO vaults goes.  Rumor is that Kayla has a DTY and a Rudi.  I think she has the edge.  I really would like to see Kytra as a backup floor person in case Bross or Sloan waivers, I love her piked double arabian front.

    I will post Worlds Predictions soon.

    And my current hope is that for this quad, is Russia is coming back?  I want to see them be gold medal contenders by London 2012.  Aliya Mustafina and Viktoria Komova have both stolen my heart.  They are BAD ASS juniors.  I think they will be eligible in 2011?  God, I hope its next year…..I need to look up that information.  Also, Tatiana Nabieva interests me vault and bars-wise.  Komova and Mustfina could be in the running for the AA podium this worlds had they been eligible…..

    That’s it for now.  Time to go slave some more over school.

    Ahhhh, I have missed my blog!

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