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Memmel Makes her Case Stronger and Some (Finally!) Official Scores from the Friendly Meet

Here are some hardcore facts from the recent Friendly Meet. Go to USA Gymnastics webpage to look up more if you like.

Chellsie Memmel!!!!! She won EF bars with a 16.000 and a 6.9 A-score. I am so excited to hear that. Four hit routines in June will buy you an Olympic spot. Her beam is up to a 6.7 A-score. Floor is only a 5.9? Maybe there was a fall or something.

Ashley Priess‘s mystery A-score on bars turns out to be a 6.6. She scores well though. A 15.750 and 15.800. With Memmel going strong the next two meets, I think Priess and Shayla Worley are fighting over the last spot. I think Samantha Peszek has sold her case as the person to fill in the last spot on FX and VT for team finals.

Ivana Hong has only a 6.3 A-score for bars. I do not think she is going to Beijing. Even as the alternate.

Alicia Sacramone had A-scores of 6.8 EF and 7.0 AA for beam. Wow. You are soooo going to Beijing. Her FX A-score (which is rumored to possibly be watered down) is a 6.2.

So yes, to reiterate, Chellise now holds the second highest difficulty value on bars in the country as far as we know. Even if every other event is not up to par, should this bar routine continue to be performed cleanly, then I can totally see Chellsie going to Beijing even if for only one event.



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