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Thoughts About What Scoring Will Do in Beijing

So there has been a lot of talk lately about over/under scoring going on in the US, plus claims of this and that person won’t score blah, blah, blah internationally.  But I wonder what will really happen.  Because when I think about it, there have been instances where people actually got higher scores at the Olympics.  Let’s take a look at some examples.  (By the way, I am absolutely excluding the American Cup from this discussion, that is the most extreme case of over scoring and I don’t care to include it).

Terin Humphrey–  In Athens, Terin got her highest scores EVER on bars, thus she did win a silver medal.  During 03′ and 04′ Nationals I always thought she was underscored, getting like 9.3’s and during the Olympics she scored a 9.625, 9.575, and a 9.662.

Oana Ban– I think she was underscored A LOT during international competition.  In the 2003 World Championships she received a 9.400 during AA on floor.   I thought that should have been more in the 9.6 range.  Low and behold during the Athens prelims she does in fact score a 9.6.

Carly Patterson–  Carly’s highest score on beam in the 2003 Worlds was a 9.612 for a pretty flawless routine and the only visible deduction came from a hop on the landing.  Whereas in Athens she scored two 9.725’s, 9.612 (including a couple of bobbles) and a 9.775 (prefect routine, small hop on the landing).

It is important to note that each competition seems to have their own range.  In the 2003 Worlds I thought the scores were generally a bit lower.  There were very few scores above a 9.6 until finals.  For the 2007 Worlds we have to consider the B-Panel scores.  And very few people hit above a 9.3 B-score.

A good example is the difference of B-scores on floor between the 2006 and 2007 Worlds.  For 2006 here are some examples:

Cheng Fei– 9.475 (15.875) (6.4)- FX Finals

Beth Tweddle– 9.425 (15.450) (6.0) – FX Finals

Jana Bieger– 9.250 (15.550) (6.3)- FX Finals

Vanessa Ferrari– 9.350 (15.450) (6.1)- FX Finals

So now here are some of the highest scores on floor for 2007 Stuttgart…

Now as far as B-scores go, Shawn Johnson received a  9.225 (6.2)  during  AA, and a  9.150 during Finals.  Alicia Sacramone scored a 9.125 during finals, 9.175 during prelims.  Even the awesome Cheng Fei scored only a 8.975 during prelims (uhhh, what did she do wrong?  Am I blind?)

For the entire 2007 Worlds, B-scores were pretty low.  Nastia Liukin got the highest B-score for uneven bars final of a 9.2.  And really none of the events scored much higher than that at all.  a 9.1 or 9.2 was a really good score.

So I have to wonder what the Olympics are going to do.  Where will their B-panel lie?

And what about the A-panel?  Shawn is going to have a hard time getting credit for the Amanar, and the whip to triple (based on Trials and Nationals).  On Day 2 of Trials that Amanar was not all the way round.   And what about the connections for Nastia’s uneven bar set?  Her botch on the Lin (I think it is a Lin) should have lost connection value.  And I can’t see her double turn on floor getting credit when she hardly does a 1.5.  I am not here to attack, and don’t want to start up more heat, but seriously everyone, what is going to happen to America’s top two gymnasts in Beijing?  Because we can’t take Nationals/Trials scores as what to expect in Beijing!!



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Nationals: Day One Analysis AFTER Watching Videos

So now that I have watched many videos of Night One, here is my updated opinion. By the way, check out NBC Olympics for the best videos of everything. Youtubers, I love you for getting em out though.

  • Chellsie Memmel is STILL the winner in my book. She made me cry when I saw her routines. Not only did I love the bars, but the form seemed better than I remember! Sweet. Floor was pretty good, couple of funky places, but that Dos Santos was freaking awesome. Even beam was great, I loved it all, Chellsie you are soooo on that team.
  • Shawn Johnson got overscored. Yup I said it. There are some scoring issues going on, more on that below. I thought the Amanar was a few tenths over, as was the floor, the whip-triple was a bit short in my opinion. I’m surprised about the whip-triple because the double-double seemed to be performed with an ease I haven’t ever seen with her. But I love the new floor. LOVE. It made me cry. Shawn’s love of gymnastics eeks out everywhere, I love it. One thing, please wear a better leotard Day 2.
  • Bridget Sloan looks to be on that team. I seriously think she may bump off Shayla Worley.
  • No video of Samantha Peszek‘s floor yet. That is important to her cause, I am very curious to see it.
  • Nastia Liukin looked great minus floor. I wish she had her old music, I liked it better.
  • It has been confirmed that Alicia Sacramone is training the Amanar, which is awesome. I am disappointed not to see upgrades on floor though. Maybe she is still saving it??? Beam was pretty decent, but I actually liked Chellsie’s better! Wow.

Ok now about scoring. I don’t get the scoring of Nationals. We have the American Cup, where the Americans’ scores are so inflated it is gross. But then we have Nationals, where some people are intensely overscored while others are very underscored.

Past examples:

Terin Humphrey‘s bars and floor I always thought were underscored at Nationals. Whereas Carly Patterson was overscored on beam a couple of times.

But we don’t know WHAT the Olympics will bring with scoring. For instance, Terin scored higher on bars at the Olympics than like at ANY US competition.

That’s all for now.


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Reflections, Thoughts, and Hopes of the Olympics

The history of my love for gymnastics plays like this:

I always loved watching gymnastics.  My earliest memories were the 1992 games in Barcelona.  Here, I remember rooting for Shannon Miller.  I was 10 years old, and even then I can remember that I had heard of Kim Zmeskal.   I was shocked at all I remember.  I remembered that Shannon scored a 9.912 in beam finals and got second.  I could remember the routine of Kim Gwang-Suk, and I remember the falls of Yang Bo and Lavinia Milosovici on beam, Milo and Lu Li‘s perfect ten’s, etc.

In Atlanta 1996, I remember watching it all and being so excited.  In 2004 I was flipping through the channels and landed on the qualifications.  I again got excited and made sure I watched Team Finals, AA, and EF.  It took me two days to realize why I had no memory at all of the Sydney Games; I was traveling across the country with Drum Corps International, another subjectively scored event.

This is where my obsession was born.  I wanted to know what happened in 2000, I wanted to see World Championships.  I consulted Ebay, where anything you want in the world you can buy.  I began buying burned DVD broadcasts and before long made an online friend who became my ‘gymnastics dealer.’  (Although many of my friends call her my crack dealer due to my obsession).  The more I came in possession of, the more I learned.  I own somewhere around 100 individual discs, and have watched them countless times.  Mostly while eating, and late at night to get my mind of school and analyze something that wasn’t ‘work’.  I watched them over and over to learn about scoring, why certain gymnasts would get deductions though nothing appeared wrong, etc.  (Yes, I am a huge dork, I know)   And now in the age of youtube, I can see whatever I need to see that I don’t have.

So this is the first time I will watch the Olympics with complete knowledge of what to expect, who will be there, who may win.  I can’t imagine how angry I would be if this upcoming Olympics was the Sydney Games.  I would go crazy over the incredibly poor coverage shown.  I would feel cheated.  And I can’t imagine this upcoming event I have waited for four years for to contain a controversy such as the All Around Vaulting Debacle.  I realize I haven’t and can’t prepare for what is out of my hands.  Will there be scoring controversies?  That seems inevitable, as I can’t think of any World or Olympic event that doesn’t contain at least one.

And so now, here are some things in the past that I have been thinking about.

  • Mohini Bhardwaj.  Two things about her.  1.)  She is why I keep reiterating the bubble gymnasts  needed consistency throughout Nationals and Trials.  But Bhardwaj wasn’t even a factor at Nationals.  I wonder if this will happen with anyone else.  2.)  Who else thinks there may have been a scoring error with her FX during Athens qualifications?  9.525 I thought was too high.  Especially since the two performances after that garnered 9.3ishes.  I have conflicting pieces of what her SV was.  From 9.7 to 9.9.  And as far as I know, weren’t all three performances pretty much the same?  (Although sometimes I do not catch flubbed or short dance moves/combos.)  Any thoughts on this?  
  • Courtney McCool.  1.)   Did anyone else think a 9.112 in qualifying was too low on beam?  Yes she bent the hips and broke form on the switch leap- Onodi- sheep jump combo.  But like, that was it.  Anna Pavlova made a break on her Kotchetcova-BHS-layout combo in EF.  Though the  break was not a bend the waist type, she did have the break in her connection, and got a 9.587 and I believe a 10 start value.  2.)  I think she should have been in beam finals over Bhardwaj. 
  • Vanessa Atler.  Would have put her on the 2000 team.  I know she was a headcase and had a major meltdown at trials, but I really think she would have brought in some big scores on vault and floor.  I wonder if it would be different if she were in the now.  This quad.  She is in some ways, the Alicia Sacramone of this quad.  She wouldn’t have had to deal with bars.  And oddly enough, Sacramone used to be a headcase type, but has now transformed into one of team USA’s rocks.  And one thing I would have to say about Atler is on floor when she did dance combos and leaps, her feet STOPPED.  She did not have to take a step or another fluffy jump out of it.  She had nice grace too.   
  • Svetlana Khorkina.  I hate to say it, but I think she was one of the most overscored gymnasts of all time.  And when I say this I mean floor.  Again, she looked so sloppy to me.  She got the benefit of the doubt just too many times.  Her floor score in the 2003 World’s AA (9.675) was ridiculous to me.  I often wondered  if it were more than a coincidence that one of the sponsors was the company that Khorkina modeled for.  Hmmm.  And I think she is crazy if she thought she should have beat Carly Patterson in Athens.  I never cared for Patterson’s attitude, but I always respected her gymnastics.  I did feel bad for her for the Sydney Games.
  • Give Andreea Raducan her medal back.    
  • 2000 Olympics again.  Okay, so Elena Zamolodchikova gets a 9.725 on bars during the AA, and then Elise Ray scores a 9.750 when she throws the never-competed-before layout double double?  Uhhhh, right.  And Elise Ray had some of the most beautiful style and form I have ever seen.  I am not hating on Zamo, she is one of my sentimental faves, and one of the best vaulters of all time.
  • I have never understood what was so great about Ling Jie.  Bar Finals in Sydney she misses handstands, looks sluggish, hops on the dismount.  She always had this sluggishness that I didn’t like and thought looked bad.  Something about how she did her kips bothered me too.  In EF, she hops on the dismount.  Now Yang Yun I thought should have had the silver.

These are just some random things I have always questioned.  By all means, give me insight I am lacking.  In closing, here is my wish list for Beijing…

  • NBC- Please show EVERY American competing during all events.  Do the same for China.  I want the broadcasts for Team and AA to be 2 hours + long.  Yes.  Please Al Trautwig, shut up for the most part and don’t say anything dumb.  Andrea Joyce, please refrain from asking the following questions, “Can you take us through the night?  How did you feel?”  “Did you ever expect this?”  And don’t start trying to get people to talk junk about another.  Oh, I also want some nice fluff pieces.  And show ALL EIGHT finalists during EF.
  • A Team and AA Final where the top 6 hit.  I can dream.
  • No scoring garbage please.
  • Set the equipment right.
  • Cheng Fei, please do well.  I want you to have that vault gold very much.
  • Shawn Johnson not to fall and make AA, BB, and FX finals.
  • Chellsie Memmel to make the Olympic Team and maybe even bar finals.  By the way, for the greatest written piece about Memmel’s story click here at Polish 101 who wrote a SUPERB piece on her.
  • Anna Pavlova and Elena Zamolodchikova to make the team and vault finals.
  • Daiane Dos Santos to come back to peak form and make FX finals.  I would love it if she medaled.
  • Vanessa Ferrari back in peak form.  With her double-double.
  • Yang Wei to win the AA.  ( I like him.  Sentimental fave.  Don’t keep up as much with MAG, but this year will be exciting!)
  • Dasha Joura to perform like never before.
  • Oksana Chusovitina to win a vault medal.

That’s all I can think of right now.


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