NCAA Nationals- Super Six Tonight!

Insanity!  Yesterday was filled with all kinds of crazy happenings.  I missed session 1 (well 4 1/2 rotations worth so a professor could stand me up.  And after the first rotation of session 1 I had to crack open some alcohol to get me through.  On top of that, it is the end of the semester, and I just got some really crap news about some courses that might mess up my graduation.

But enough with that.

For the best commentary ever on both sessions, click here.

I am currently running around, trying to coordinate tickets and times and everything else for the crew that is watching with me tonight.  Can’t wait!

It is totally between UCLA, Alabama, and Florida tonight.  And after last night, I realize how badly I am wanting a Gator victory.  Coming from a school that saw 4 National Champions between 2006 and 2008 (in football and basketball) I am just aching to have that awesome Gator feeling again only this time in Gymnastics.  In 2007, we were ranked #1 the majority of the season, and I still don’t know what happened that night in Utah.

We begin on bars again tonight, but UCLA got a better draw as they start on vault.  It’s going to be nerve wracking all the way through, and it is hard for me to visualize team standings with the BYE format.

And I must go because trying to coordinate everyone and these damn tickets is insane.  GO GATORS!


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  1. I hope Gator wins too…I’m a big fan…

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