So I am attending NCAA Nationals for free.  Be jealous now.

Nationals are taking place in my backyard, and for the first time in 5 years, the title will go to someone other than Georgia.  I think that between UCLA, Florida, and Oklahoma– the title will go to one of those schools.  I feel as though UCLA will win, but I strongly believe that we (Florida) have the best opportunity to beat them with the homecourt advantage.  Either way, I get to see a great competition unfold.

Things I am looking forward to the most;

Anna Li‘s Takatchev (which is the highest I have ever seen- it looks like she hovers over the bar without moving for a sec)

Hollie Vise‘s routines.

-Hopefully I will see Courtney McCool in the beam and floor finals (I am only attending the Team and Event Finals)

I am trying not to think about Melanie Sinclair.  I wonder what SHE”S thinking though.  She was 3rd in the AA last year- this would have been her senior year- she is HUGE for our bars lineup-and to host finals.  Tsk, tsk.  All over some guy and some guns.  It’s a shame.  But wouldn’t it be all the more spectacular if we were to win without her?

I promise my life will be back to blogging.  I will definitely write about Euros and the Pacific Rim next week.



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