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The Seminoles Get Slaughtered

Oh what a weekend.  I cried as I watched the Gators exit the field Saturday night.  The last game of the regular season, and possibly the last time I see the Gators on the field for another year.  Most likely the last time I see Percy Harvin and Brandon Spikes on the field, also could be the last I watch Tim Tebow play.  Of course there is always a possible National Title Game to attend, but I am focusing on next week’s SEC Championship Game against Alabama.

A few highlights about Saturday:

– From approximately 2pm to 9pm, I stood in freezing rain.  The weather was MISERABLE, but it accurately painted the picture of the Seminoles and Tallahassee for me.

-So with 51 seconds left in the first half, RIGHT after Aaron Hernandez‘s touchdown, I decide to go to the bathroom.  Well, in the ABC broadcast, the final shot of fans right before halftime is the three people I attended the game with!  I came out JUST as the Gators were exiting the field, which was right there where I came out.  I saw them up close and was a bit starstruck, especially when I saw the commanding presence of Brandon Spikes.

-I was a bit scared that day.  The heavy rain, the fact that two of my friends lost tickets sometime before we arrived on the tailgating scene, made me nervous.  But all was well with a 30 point win.

-I loved how the player’s uniforms were stained red, and thus making it look like the Gators actually murdered FSU!  (Well they did, but only football-wise).  For instance, look at Tebow here:

I love it!  When we got back to the apartment with the friends we were staying with, they commented on how it looked as if Tebow was eating babies.  No guys, just Seminoles!  LOL, but this really isn’t as good as the shots ESPN had him with the red smeared around his mouth!

I also really like this picture of Janoris Jenkins and Joe Haden.  A special shout out to the awesome freshman Jenkins, who kept blocking FSU’s passes, and finally made an interception.  THIS GUY IS A FRESHMAN!  I know, the same could be said about Jeff Demps as well.  They are just so darn good.  It was just so beautiful.  I watched Sun Sports replay of the game last night (side note that it is a different broadcast than the ABC) and you know what?  It isn’t that this team is great.  They are, but what makes them deliver is the fact that they are a team.  Look at how everyone congratulates each other with every good move!  They play with their hearts and if you don’t think that accounts for anything, then you are wrong.  I think that puts them in so much sync with one another!  The same could be said about our 2006 and 2007 basketball starters.

So it’s all sitting right there.  A win next weekend will put us in that title game.  I will be nervous this week.  But I can’t wait to see it.

A side note, my usual four-hour-drive took about 6 1/2 hours!  I am not surprised, my first year in Gainesville I learned the same ‘you don’t drive home the Sunday after Thanksgiving’ the hard way.  But I just couldn’t do anything else, I had to work today.  But boy am I glad we left Tallahassee on Saturday night!!!  While getting gas in Ft. Pierce I talked with a fellow gator fan I met at the pump and this poor kid had been on the road from Tally since 10:40am.  By the way, it was 6:30 at that time!  Poor guy!

I will never drive that horrendous drive again.  People, don’t drive that day.  EVER.  I can’t believe I don’t have pneumonia today from the hours of freezing, wet misery.

Gators are just so hardcore.

Go Gators!



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