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Gator Domination Continues

I’m a little late with this post but Saturday’s Gator triumph over Vanderbilt deserves a few words as it has secured our spot in the SEC Championship on December 6th against Alabama.

Boy am I trying to take it one game at a time!

All seemed lost after the early season loss to Ole Miss at home September 27th. But since then, the Gators have showed pure domination upon the last 5 games.

I can barely believe that once again, a BCS National Championship is not only within reach, but simply sitting there waiting for us to reach out and take it. Forget all the things I mentioned last post. It almost doesn’t even matter what happens in the Big 12 now, as the winner of that conference plus the SEC Conference are widely speculated to be the two teams to vie for the National Title.

Again, one game at a time.

This Saturday at the swamp we will have our last conference game against South Carolina. And for those of you that don’t know or remember, the last time we battled this team in the swamp (2006) it was one of the most intense games ever known to so many Gator fans as the score went back and forth and ended with a blocked field goal for us to clinch the win. Working the day after that game, I got into a discussion with an elderly gentleman who said to me, “Honey, I have been watching Gator Football for 50 years, and that was the closest I have ever come to having a heart attack!”

The Gamecocks are now ranked #25 in the BCS, and lead the SEC in Defense. (Which I find hard to believe but honestly haven’t watched much of them playing this season). Furthermore, it is a rival game as they are lead by former Gator coach, Steve Spurrier.

The game the following weekend, against the Citadel, is the one game I haven’t and won’t worry about this season. My biggest concern is that we won’t put up the 80+ points I am just dying to see on the scoreboard. Honestly? I want the score to be 105-0. I know, I know. But that would be like, the largest shutout ever. And that would be the equivalent of 15 touchdowns, which I think would be a nice touch as it is the number of Tim Tebow.

The following week is FSU. Big rivalry game, and the first time I will ever attend an away game! I am so excited, but again, I won’t take that lightly. FSU is also ranked, and we can’t drop our guard on them either.

But simply put, if I keep seeing what I have been these last few weeks, I am not sure if anyone could beat us.

You know, at the beginning of this year, football was stressing me out. To those who know this blog, football has become my new gymnastics. A new sport for me which I constantly learn more about, not to mention something to put my heart and soul into, and something so great to love. The adrenaline that fills you is the greatest element of life, yet sometimes can be your enemy. I have become this raging groupie, as I travel so much to see Gator Football it is ridiculous, and a lot of money.

But I wouldn’t trade this for the world.

The phrase, “It’s Great to be a Florida Gator” is the truth. Right now in my life, there simply is nothing better.


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Gators Chomp the Dawgs

Another great weekend. This was the first time I have ever gone to Jacksonville for the Florida Georgia game. Tailgating galore, it was beautiful. The Cocktail Party it was, I have a whole new collection of bruises.

I was all over the place in the stadium, lost my voice a bit again, and reveled in what was just so awesomely unbelievable to me.

Joe Haden and Tim Tebow were the players of the game to me. Not to take away from the other Gators who also played quite well.

UGA had 20% (maybe) of their fans left towards the end of the game. Comical. However, I will state that we had fun hanging out with some of their fans, and to date I actually found them the nicest.

After the game we went to this bar in Jacksonville called Sneakers. This is by far and away the best sports bar I have ever been to. It was like a giant warehouse, complete with movie screen TV’s and definitely some great food. I highly recommend it. At this lovely bar we watched the very dramatic Texas vs, Texas Tech game which went in the Gators favor by TT winning.

Road is not as long, but still there. Winning against EITHER Vanderbilt or South Carolina will solidify our spot in the SEC Championship Game. Here are the following things in my opinion that need to happen to get us into the National Championship Game:

  • Alabama needs to maintain the number one ranking and win out until the SEC Championship.
  • Texas Tech or Penn State needs to get a loss in. This is far more likely to happen to Texas Tech as they have only one down in their three straight weeks of playing top ten games. I am hoping for a Penn State stumble against Michigan State. That will take them out, and push us up.
  • Texas and Texas Tech are in the same conference and you aren’t going to a National Championship without a Conference Championship. One of them has to get eliminated. Assuming we win out, that would put us, the Big 12 champ, and Penn State in the definite.

Okay, enough thinking. Numbers 2 and 9 (TT and Oklahoma State) play each other while our game is going on this weekend. Also USC is playing California at that time as well. Oh how I would loooooooooove to see USC go down.

Go Gators. Go Gators. Go Gators.

On a side note, I would like to note that as of today, this blog has reached 100,000 hits. That makes me happy and proud. Thanks everyone!

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