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An Awesome Gator Weekend

My gosh, my gosh I don’t know where to start. This weekend’s Gator game against LSU was beyond anything I thought possible. Besides the win, I simply don’t know what I loved the most. Was it the fact that we won by so much, or the fact that no one has put up that many points against LSU since us in 96′? Or the fact that THAT was the game I have been waiting for all season. The Offensive Line came through like they are capable of. The Defense was amazing too, of course. And it all came together so beautifully.

I awoke Saturday morning with a wave of anxiety I haven’t felt in so long. But the day was spectacular as it always is on a night game. Tailgating was wonderful. Arriving at 11am, I ate my breakfast and cracked open the first beer of the day. By one, we were huddled under one of the tents eating and watching the very close Oklahoma and Texas game. After that game was over, I hung out playing drinking games in the 3rd tent of our tailgating site. Playing a game called f*** the dealer, guess who ended up being the dealer for way too long? So I went with a friend to return his dog and another’s to his house. These dogs were great. One of them has been trained to bark when you say “Go Gators.” He also would go greet everyone who walked by in the morning. Funny thing, there are three LSU fans on the other side of the street walking that morning. The boys said, “Who’s there?” which made both dogs bark. This caught their attention and one of the dogs raced across the street to them (though not aggressively). The fans were good about it, and it made them laugh just like it did us.

The LSU fans were in my opinion pretty nice. And I totally respect LSU as a team. There were four or so LSU fans right in front of us at the game (how did they get student tickets?) and they were pretty funny. One of them finished his flask of alcohol pretty fast. Another pretty much sat down the whole time. They were pretty upset.

My voice was gone probably ten minutes into the clock. It was just too amazing. Cheers to Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey who impress me more and more each week. And they are just freshman! And Demps is a true freshman! Brandon James and Brandon Spikes amazed me as always of course. (I have been feeling about James the same way I have felt about Percy Harvin last year, plus Rainey and Demps are really starting to rise to that level for me as well.) Percy was really great too even though I saw him limping on the field and man was I terrified all week reading articles thinking he might not play. But as always, he does his job and then some. Tim Tebow was all kinds of fired up and I loved it! One of the good omens we all felt was the fact that Ricky Jean-Francois was talking a lot of s*** this week about taking Tebow out of the game. Yeah, FSU did that one last year and how did that work out for them?

After the game we all met up at the tailgate site and had a euphoric little powwow, checking messages and texts from friends of our group and laughing. Everyone was just so happy. And I can’t even remember how many times during the game I would scream up to the sky various phrases such as, “Is this really happening?” Because none of us could. We all knew we had a chance to beat them, but none of us thought it would be like that. We anticipated a (hopefully) close game, but not this insane blowout! The game was close for all of maybe a couple of minutes.

51-21. Damn. It is great to be a Florida Gator!

Now all I can hope is that I score this Georgia ticket I am entering to get tonight! We decided hands down, after this weekend, there is no way we AREN’T going to Jacksonville to watch that game on November 1st!



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