2008 Olympics: Heartbreaks! Event Finals, Night One

So I accidentally saw too many of the results online before I got to watch the broadcast.  I WILL NOT let that happen the next two nights!  I will be banning myself from going online tomorrow until after the broadcast.

My heart broke wide open with the results way too many times tonight…

Cheng Fei–  I cried.  I did.  To hold every major title in the last three years and blow it the night it counts!  Floor was even worse, and oh how I cried for Cheng.  She should have had 3 golds these Games, and walked away with the only individual medal of a bronze.

Alicia Sacramone–  I WISH SHE WOULD HAVE HAD THE AMANAR!  Another person who has medalled at every event she has entered on vault.  Sigh.  I wonder if she hadn’t been up first….would she have won the bronze?

Three cheers for Oksana Chusovitina!  The highest AA placement ever for her, and during her fifth Olympics.  But more importantly, AN INDIVIDUAL SILVER MEDAL FOR HER!  How glorious!  I am soooo happy for her!  One of the best things to happen.

Shawn Johnson…..when will you earn your gold?  It might not happen.  But I will tell you this, if the Olympics awarded medals in the categories of consistency, maturity, graciousness, and heart….well then Shawn would have gold medals in all of those!  I am rooting for her heavily during beam finals.  It won’t be easy with Nastia Liukin slated to compete right after her.  Her comments in the news are just amazing.  I also think had she and Izbasa switched places in the lineup, so would the medals!

But I have no qualms with Sandra Izbasa winning the gold.  I really like her.  I just wish she didn’t have two full-ins in her routine.  Her reaction was adorable.  Way to go Romania for winning a gold!

Oh, Anna Pavlova!!!!  What is it with Russia and taking a zero on vault?  Then there was her floor routine, which is one of my favorites this Games.  That routine is just gorgeous.  I can only hope her beam routine goes very well for her so that she won’t end the Olympics on a low point.

One of the best things tonight was the fact that NBC showed ALL EIGHT ROUTINES IN FLOOR FINALS!  Now THAT is awesome.

I feel bad for Sasha Artemev.  If he had hit, he would have medalled, no doubt.  A great composition, my favorite of all the pommel workers.

Diego Hypolito also made me cry.  I feel so bad for him.  He is young, so I really hopes he stays around another quad and blows everyone away in 2012.

Marian Dragulescu also made me sad.  I am rooting SO HARD for him in vault finals tomorrow.

I wish Jordan Jotchev hadn’t drawn so soon, I want him to get a gold medal darn it.

Congrats to Xiao Qin. I felt soooo bad for him in Athens.  He was one I really wanted with the gold.

That is all for now.



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8 responses to “2008 Olympics: Heartbreaks! Event Finals, Night One

  1. and i thought i was the only one who cried for cheng.

    i felt like killing myself when i saw her
    sit on her CHENG and her 1.5+1 on floor. 😦

    read my blog, i blogged about it too.

  2. audgator


    When I click the link to your blog, it is only a series of questionmarks!

    sigh….so sad for Cheng. Would be very cool for her to come away with a beam medal

  3. Isis

    My heart broke for Cheng. I mean, if anyone deserved a gold, it was that girl. Especially a VT gold, but I also wanted her to get an FX gold. It was so painful to watch her cry like that after she messed up her floor. 😦

    I also hope she gets a BB medal. It would be great. She can’t possibly get the gold unless Li Shanshan messes up (and while I’m not a fan of Li Shanshan – she really lacks fluidity – I can’t possibly wish for a gymnast to mess up).

    Oh, and frankly, I think the VT bronze (or even the silver) should’ve gone to Alicia. I feel absolutely horrible for Cheng. But. She fell. Alicia didn’t. Alicia should’ve medaled over Cheng. This Code is really messed up.

    I hated seeing Nastia get a floor medal. That double front was sooo cowboyed, and she crossed her feet on ALL of her twisting elements; are the judges blind? I thought the bronze should’ve gone to Jiang.

    The UB final is over. I’ve seen the scores. (I’m one of those people who actually prefer to see the scores before watching the routines. When I watch the routines live, all I end up looking for are major mistakes. But if I know the scores in advance, and know more or less what to expect, I pay more attention to the nuances.) Since you don’t want any spoilers, I won’t be giving you any hints about what happened. I’m watching the routines tonight.

    As for tomorrow’s BB final… As I said above, I’d love to see Cheng medal. But who do I want to get the gold? Hmm… Li Shanshan has the difficulty and the form, but she lacks fluidity. Shawn has the difficulty and generally looks very secure, but lacks flexibility on her leaps and lends that tuck full (as well as her dismount) with her chest very, very low. Nastia has the form (except for the crossed feet on her dismount – grrr!), flexibility, and fluidity, but doesn’t do anything very difficult in her routine. (Nastia and Cheng have the same A-score; but Cheng does a tuck full, which is a very difficult skill, while Nastia doesn’t have any truly difficult skills in her set.) So I don’t know. I want the medalists to be Cheng, Shawn, and LSS; but I can’t make up my mind about what order I want them in. I want Nastia to finish outside of the medals.

  4. Are you all smokin something? I too feel sorry for FEI but no matter how you try to justify it Alicia got robbed. Let me just say for the record I am at an age where I have seen many more than a few olympics in my life. But never and I mean never has an Olympian completed a vault on her knees and received a medal. Also taking into account that it is a major flaw to touch the Beem alternating hands and a second major fault to allow your knees to touch the floor. But it is inconcievable that penalty deductions were also not taken for being “OUT’ of bounds on the landing and picking yourself off the mat with her right hand completly out of bounds without a deduction. FEI got her Team Gold and Alicia received her Team Silver rightly so for her mistakes. But make no mistake on this Alicia beat her in the Vault und unjustly received no medal for her two clean vaults.

  5. Hey audgator, you will have to press on the top 5 squares next to the li0nheart logo to access the blog posts! 😀

    Anyway I also hope that the winners can be Shawn, LSS and Cheng Fei, though I doubt CF will get a medal cause she is usually not very steady on beam.. Her qualified cause of reputation more than her routine i guess. 😦

    Anyway I hope LSS can bring on her 7.3 difficulty, and that shawn will stick her landings. In such a way, Shawn may bring home yet another silver. but if LSS screws up, shawn may get gold.

    then again the judges love liukin so i don’t know if she will squeeze into top 3 or not. but i really hope CF walks away with a worthy ef medal.

    let’s wait for 7 hours more to see if that happens. 🙂

  6. TCO

    I think Fei has been consistently overscored whether hitting or not.

  7. Lisa

    i can’t believe Nastia got a medal for floor. This girl does nothing difficult and crosses her legs all the time without getting points deducted. I am so sick of the judges’ blindness toward her.

  8. TCO

    Lisa, her step after her closing 2-1/2 is uncontrolled also (and large).

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