2008 Olympics: An Unexpected Team Final

Woooooow, craziness last night!

Of course the biggest surprise came with the fact that Alicia Sacramone made two major errors. I really think that China would have won regardless, but you never know. If those mistakes did not exist, China may have had the pressure get to them and maybe made a couple of errors themselves. But I hope there aren’t a whole bunch of ignorant gymnastics viewers out there blaming Alicia. She is one of the biggest heart and souls of the American program.

Gee Marta, maybe we would have done a lot better if we didn’t have half a team. Maybe we should lighten up on the selection procedure. This procedure is responsible to all the athletes we lost before and during the Olympic Games. I strongly think that after Nationals, Trials should have been held when the selection camp was. I don’t know, I am not an expert, but that sounds better than girls who are trying to stay in peak form for 3 months.

I really wanted Chellsie Memmel to be able to call herself and Olympic Gold Medalist. And has everyone heard the latest? The girl knew she was competing with a broken bone! There is no one tougher than Chellsie!

How wonderful it was to see Cheng Fei give the last performance of the night, putting the final hold on the gold medal. I love that she got to have that. I strongly think she is very likely to win two more golds on vault and floor. I am not surprised China won, and I am happy for them.

Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin put in some very solid, feel proud about it performances. Congrats to them. I thought the congratulating amongst the two teams was very sweet.

Also, they looked pretty darn happy at the end! You didn’t lose the gold team USA! You WON a silver! And I really think that they viewed it that way too. Good for them.

Romania in third? What the hell happened to Russia? Congrats to the Romanians though!

Men’s All-Around tonight! I want Yang Wei, Jonathon Horton, Hiroyuki Tomita, and Fabian Hambuchen to have the performances of a lifetime! Good luck to the men!

Off topic, but my blog a couple of days ago celebrated it’s 50,000th hit! It has BLOWN UP during the Olympics, hitting more than 4,000 hits a day over its’s usual average! Thanks to all you readers out there!



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12 responses to “2008 Olympics: An Unexpected Team Final

  1. ljaeger

    Was anyone else severely disappointed that there was no opening fluff on ANY TEAM??!! That was always my favorite part!! Highlighting the competitors to the triumphant music and Al Trautwig’s cheesy narrating…talk about sentimental favorites. 2000 was truly the best year for fluff, but 04 was pretty good too. What happened?!

    I dunno, I was kind of disappointed in NBC’s coverage. I mean, the parts they showed were great, but 1 Russian and 1 Romanian routine? Come on! And no one from any other team? I would at least like them to highlight great performances from athletes of other teams that are coming up in event finals.

    Poor Alicia. I hope she’s not being too hard on herself! And I hope she can come back and rock vault finals so she can go out on a good note.

  2. audgator

    You are VERY VERY RIGHT! I was thinking about that too. I acually thought I missed the fluff! And to show ONE routine from the bronze medal team? Pure junk.

    I cannot agree more.

  3. jen p

    its all cause of micheal phelps..he swims at the same time..so they are trying to show all his races that go on at the same time as gymnastics..and since he is headliner for good reason they show him the most

  4. Colleen

    I work in television news (I’m a producer) and I never fully appreciated how hard the coverage of the Olympics were until this job. The reason there was no fluff was because it was live and they were on a very tight schedule. And the reason they only showed China and USA is for the same reason, and because truthfully, we’re in America most people just wanted to see this hotly contested race. I don’t agree with that, but the laws of Live TV make it so.

  5. ljaeger

    Personally, I don’t see what the big deal about having it “live” is. I’d much rather have the fluff and the more generous coverage! Not to mention it doesn’t come on until well past 11:00 p.m. here, and I’m turning into a sleep deprived zombie! But that is just my personal opinion.

  6. audgator


    I am with you on all of that!

    I am pretty sure the reason they do the headlining events live is to make people watch them. Things that aren’t live lose many, many viewers due to the progression of video streaming/on demand n’ all that. The Olympics make many more viewers to gymastics than usual, I think people would be more likely to just watch highlights online when the competition happens so that they don’t have to —-


  7. ljaeger


    too bad I don’t know you in real life. I have a feeling we would be friends. My sisters think I am a giant dork for being so obsessed with gymnastics, but I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all the back-posts of your blog. Too bad I only found it during the Olympics! (which I also have looked insanely forward to for way too long).

    (for balance, I also am obsessed with track and field).

  8. audgator


    -Everyone thinks I am nuts as well!!!!!!

    -I am heavily invested in track star Bernard Lagat. I had the post awhile back about why I am rooting for him as he demonstrated the ultimate beauty of humanity during the Athens 1500m.

    Can’t agree with you more. My friends are asking me if I am ODing on my “crack”. (crack=gymnastics)

    On that note, thank you to all the readers. This blog is more than I ever dreamed possible!

  9. ljaeger

    OK, now I went back and read your post re: Lagat (who I also love). Beautiful! I absolutely agree with you about all of it. I believe so strongly in the POTENTIAL of the Olympics to unite people from across the world like nothing else can.
    The Derek Redmond commercial makes me cry every time. And Lagat is TRULY a beautiful soul. Some others I am emotionally invested in: Brian Sell, LOPEZ LOMONG, LoLo Jones, Kara Goucher, Ryan Hall, Erin Donohue, Blake Russell. To name a few.

    You should do a post about track when gymnastics is over so I can comment!

    Great work on the blog and I am so happy to know that there are other people in the world who take the Olympics as seriously as I do and believe in it so wholeheartedly.

    T-4 hours until WAG AA!

  10. Kelly

    “Off topic, but my blog a couple of days ago celebrated it’s 50,000th hit! It has BLOWN UP during the Olympics, hitting more than 4,000 hits a day over its’s usual average! Thanks to all you readers out there!”

    And thanks to you, one of the few bloggers on my “favorites” list!!

  11. a person

    i personally think that china is amazing at the uneven bars, the vault, and the floor exercises.

  12. SP

    The ‘nbc’ coverage coverage (disregarding the opening and closing) was completely crap! What’s worst is the ignorant, biased, and disrespectful commentors during the Olympics gymnastics competitions.

    How rude of them to speak so badly about the Chinese gymnastics team. As an American, I was so ashamed of such ignorance and disrespect!

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