2008 : Thoughts on Qualifications

Ok, so keep in mind that all I have seen is what NBC aired on TV. I am pretty sure that NBCOLYMPICS.COM has more to view. But I looked online at the results and that plus what I saw here is the random things flying through my brain: (keep iin mind, I am writing this on a few glasses of wine, this could be out there. And again, my disclaimer: I mean no disrespect to any individual athletes, this is purely my own opinion).

  • Nastia Liukin on floor ahead of Alicia Sacramone already shocked me, Nastia qualifying into event finals???? I am not knocking her, I just think that is crazy. Alicia landing OOB didn’t exactly shock me but DAMN! Bridget Sloan did well on floor. I was proud. The Samantha Peszek injury shocked me.
  • What was up with Nastia scoring the same as Shawn Johnson on beam? I have major beef with this, but maybe I am wrong: Nastia broke her connection of the Onodi-wolf full in her routine. What is the connection loss for that? because she still got a 6.6 A-score!!! That should not be right unless the loss of connection was only .1 because I know she usually loses one tenth for her Liukin-Nistor whatever move, and in my opinion, that was done solid. The whole routine was solid with the exception of that connection. Meanwhile Shawn was near flawless on her routine… how did she get the samw score? Shawn should have been given the 7.0 on beam. Did the full turn get devalued? Because it was awesome I thought. I am angry about this. Her routine was the best I have ever seen! She was flawless minus the landing which was almost stuck! I would have given Shawn a 7.0 plus a B-score of 9.5 which makes a 16.500. Kind of high actually. At least over a 16 though!!!! Which brings me to my next thought!
  • What did everyonne think of scoring? Sometimes I thought it was too tight, sometimes I thought too lenient! Bars scoring was tight, Jiang Yuyuan I thought might have been a little low on bars. I don’t know. I can’t thnk.
  • He Kexin falling on bars was insane. Well, don’t put 14 year-olds in the Olympics! But I was sad for her, as I haven’t seen her miss a routine yet. But she did make EF, too bad she has to go up first for that.
  • On that note…SHOCKING that Nastia fell on her dismount! I know that dismount has been her nemisis, but Nastia has looked GREAT, and during podium training I was amazed because she looked sooooooo much better on that! She will get 1st or 2nd though on that event. She does deserve it.
  • Chellsie Memmel‘s fall almost made me cry. i can’t even comment further on this.
  • Shawn’s score on floor made me sad. Not the judging though. Why the 6.3? What is the loss of her not doing the Rudi? Did she not get credited for the Popa 1.5 jump? I don’t think the mistake on the Rudi was an actual mistake; I think she did that purposely. I am pissed that she wil got up 1st in EF.
  • On that note, Shawn was only like 3 tenths ahead of Nastia in qualifying. That worries the hell outta me. If Shawn repeats and Nastia doesn’t fall, she will win. That will devastate me.
  • What the hell happend to Dasha Joura?????????????? She qualified for NOTHING! Her 12-something beam score tells me she fell like 3 or 4 times! I am so sad for her!
  • Yaaaaaaaaay for Anna Pavlova! Qualifying 5th into the AA and also making VT, BB, and FX finals? AWESOME! GO GIRL!
  • What is going on with Vanessa Ferrari? I don’t even know. Qualifying 21st into AA is sad. I feel bad for her.
  • Cheng Fei is EFFING BADASS! 3 event finals for her!
  • Beth Tweddle must have fallen off bars with a 8.0-something B-score.
  • Regardless of how crappy prelims may have been for the USA, team finals is going to be crazy! Can’t wait! calculate bars A-scores and can’t figure out what is different. Please, anyone who knows please explain this to me!
  • EDIT-One more important thing: Does anyone know WHY Shawn was given a 6.3 instead of 6.4 on bars? I can’t

Okay, I need to go watch more stuff on NBC’s website. I may have missed some random thoughts. I got 3 or 4 phone calls from people who also watched, calling me “to see if I was okay”. Hahahahahaha. How much of a gymnastics nerd am I???

Yay for the Olympics even though I am seriously concerned!



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15 responses to “2008 : Thoughts on Qualifications

  1. MRR

    Shawn’s BB score

    ff+ff+2-foot layout -.1 leg seperation
    front pike
    standing full -.3 low chest
    switch leap+layout step-out+back pike -.1 lack of flexibility on leap
    split jump+pike jump+back tuck -.1 lack of flexibility
    full turn (they should’ve given it full credit IMO)
    full-in low chest-.1, step -.1
    -.1 lack of artistry (whatever the technical deduction for that is)

    -.9=9.1 (judges gave her 9.075)
    I’d say execution was about right, they are just cracking down a lot more on low chest deductions and lack of flexibility (and maybe even artistry, too) than the national judges would. However, the beam execution marks were quite a bit tougher here in Beijing than in Stuttgart last year. For example, Shawn’s BB execution score in prelims was a 9.45 for a routine with a couple wobbles and a sizable step on the dismount. This routine, in comparison, was much more solid and got only a 9.075. The highest B-score on beam thus far at these Olympics was Nastia’s 9.375. With that said I am very unhappy that they didn’t credit the full turn. I’m like, she finished the turn and HELD IT on half-toe with her leg at 90 degrees! That would have to count IMO. TF is going to be intense, that’s for sure.

  2. audgator

    agreeed my friend. you are awesome.

    I am still disappointed though!!!!

  3. MikeC

    It seems as though the Chinese were way underscored in terms of B scores on bars. Judges didn’t quite keep tight with the scoring from session to session, did they? Why was JYY’s start value on bars only a 7.0?!

  4. YEAH! I have no idea why the bars scores were SOOO tight. But then you can see the chinese girls were really quite nervous on the bars… i have no idea why… Oh how do you know He Kexin will go up first for bars finals? Are the arrangements out already? Where to look at them?

    I also have no idea why Nastia scored so high for beam and floor. I thought Shawn’s beam routine should have garnered an at least 16.000! Nastia’s floor should have been lower i think.. her form for the double front is just so bad…

  5. Lynn

    I almost called you too! I didn’t because I didn’t want to miss anything.

  6. Catherine

    Skyler, you have no idea why nastia scored so high because you are biased and unwilling to see how good she is on those events

  7. audgator

    This is what I am thinking:

    -I disagree with Nastia’s floor score in comparison with Cheng Fei’s. I thought Cheng’s should have been a few tenths higher. However, I did notice that scores got higher as the Subdivisions continued, so perhaps it will be more fair when the athletes are competing all together.

    -I don’t get why Shawn got a 6.9. Her full turn was the best I have ever seen. I may be missing something, but I thought it should have been credited. I am wondering if maybe the front pike got devalued.

  8. Jay

    The reason Shawn’s floor score was close to Nastia’s is because Shawn watered down her third pass. She only did a front half out and not the barani. Throw that combo back in and I guarantee she will be like 15.8 or so. Nastia’s score was also very generous I thought.

  9. jen p

    i don’t think Nastia’s score was generous at all.. i think she was given credit for actually dancing and puting the “art” in back into gymnasts…and we alll know that international judges like her style. and i agree with them..i am tired of only flip and jump..where is the dance..the art??..some of those girls look like little boyz doing gymnast..acutally i know both that are more artistic!

  10. dave

    Jay i think you mean a rudy, a barani is a front half 🙂

    i’m pretty sure she lost the connection bonus with the downgrade since it was a C + B instead of a C + C. and then she must have lost credit for the straddle 1 1/2 so she hits those and she’s back to a 6.6. I’m so glad her triple full got all the way around, it really was a great routine.
    Nastia’s routine was great too, she has been looking SO good on everything. Vault looks incredibly easy for her now, maybe sometime in the next quad we will see the double full.

  11. TCO

    Shawn was getting graded very harshly. she had more than an A score difference with Cheng Fei despite doing her routine with higher chest and less steps on landings. Anti-Shawn people are a bunch of communists.

  12. Shawn was struggling like crazy on that rudi pass in podium training – she kept on training it for a good while after everyone else had finished and just couldn’t get it. Downgrading it definitely was the right choice considering how much trouble she seemed to be having with it in training.

  13. I have a question – I’m not super familiar with gymnastics scoring but how do they arrive at hundreth or thousands in the scores? I thought all the difficulty levels and B deductions were all done in tenths.

  14. Daniel

    no se mucho de gimnasia solo se que me gustan las cosas que hace Anna Pavlova creo que es la mejor gimnasta, y creo que los jueces fueron muy injustos con ella, bueno creo que favorecieron mucho a las chinas como era la cede. me hubiera gustado que Shawn se llevara el All around pero bueno nimodo se lo llevo Nastia y estubo bien porque aunque se sienta muy norteamericana es RUSA y ami me caen bien los rusos.

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