Individual Hopes for Our Heroes

So I am currently out of town helping a friend move and haven’t even been online in days.  My friend bought a 60 inch high def TV with all the channels in the world so I decided to stay here until Friday to keep her company since I don’t start work yet.  Why not stay in my beloved Gainesville another week?  Anyhow, I apologize for not blogging.  I am afraid to really go online and see what the lastest news is because I don’t want to see the results of WAG Prelims before they air tonight.  After today, I will be in the loop and constantly reporting.  I had been working on a long post, but due to no time left I am now here posting a shorter version…

What I want for each athlete:

Shawn Johnson–  As my favorite gymnast I want Shawn to of course win the AA.  I also want medals for her on beam and floor as well.  However, I am in the boat that is concerned about some of Shawn’s skills getting credited.  And I heard she was puking at podium training!  I just want for that awesome little girl to do her very best, she deserves it.  She looks to be getting her questionable skills around and I feel a bit better.  Her beam sets were awesome during podium training.  In addition to the AA I want Shawn to qualify to beam and floor finals.  Please get all your skills fully around!

Nastia Liukin–  Nastia looks like she has cleaned up her bars dismount quite a bit!  Good for her because she deserves to be at her best especially on bars, and event in which she is truly one of the best in the world at.  I am kind of surprised she is slated to compete in the #2 spot on floor.  Despite my views on Nastia being an all arounder, I do want her to do well because she deserves it.

Chellsie Memmel–  The biggest disappointment for me these Games thus far is the fact that Chellsie is only competing bars.  Chellsie is my favorite feel good story, and before this injury, I thought she had a bigger chance to qualify for individual events than anyone else on the US team.  I am still hoping that she was somehow put in last minute and did AA in qualifications.  I hate dealing with this, Chellsie deserves this SOOOOOO much.  Either way, I hope for every routine she is as flawless as possible.  Of course getting into bars EF would also be great though I think a medal is unlikely due to the high level of people competing.  (BTW, I heard Berh Tweddle has a 7.9 A-score planned).  Please do as well as possible Chellsie.

Alicia Sacramone–  Alicia is in the same club as Chellsie.  The “I didn’t make the 2004 Team here I am now bitches!”  Her beam sets looked pretty solid during podium training, a lot more than Nats and Trials.  Floor is looking a little bit off, landing OOB and whatnot.  I am REALLY surprised her 2nd spot was given to Liukin.  I want Alicia to medal on vault pretty badly, she looks great there.  I think she is very likely the silver medalist depending on how Cheng Fei does.  But I hope she also has the performance of a lifetime. 

Cheng Fei–  How I love this gymnast.  I want to know her A-score on floor very badly as she is doing 6 tumbling passes (I counted right, right??).  Cheng Fei deserves to be at her very best as everyone in her country is watching her.  I want her with vault gold of course, and i would love it if she won floor as well.  Her beam looked pretty darn good too!  I hope Cheng has a completely error free Olympics.  My favorite international competitor, I am so excited for her.

Raj Bhavsar–  Raj is my favorite competitor for the US team, the one who provides me the sentimental routing.  I hope he goes completely perfect in Team Finals.  I am so happy that Raj can call himself an Olympian.  What I would really like is if Raj and company could call themselves bronze medalists.  It seems a longshot, but you never know with three up three count format!  The Men’s Team Final will be so exciting to watch, I can’t wait for the Chinese to be crowned champions.

Fabian Hambuchen–  I love this kid.  I want him as a silver medalist in the AA and also as the high bar champion.  He is so much fun to watch.

Yang Wei–  I am emotionally invested in Yang, I want him to win the AA SO BAD.  He deserves it.  Like Cheng Fei, he is holding so much pressure.  Even if Paul Hamm was competing I would still want Yang to win.  His parallel bars mishap in prelims sucked, he would have been great for the Final.

Dasha Joura–  I also want her at her very best, and wow do i hope she makes floor finals.  I would like to see her top five in the AA.  I don’t think a podium finish is possible.  But hey, “It’s the Olympics, you never know what could happen.” 

Marian Dragulescu–  I want Marian to get that vault gold.  I LOVE his vaults.  I am so happy he qualified first (and wow second for the floor final).  I haven’t really kept up on his previous meets for 2008.  I am torn about a gold medal on floor, because I want Diego Hypolito to win.  Be at your best for vault Marian.  No 2004 repeats!

Oksana Chusovitina–  PLEASE WIN A VAULT MEDAL!  For her one millionth Olympics I want her to do well.  She didn’t even qualify in 2004, sucked because she was the reigning world champ.  God I want her to medal.

Daiane Dos Santos–  Please tell me you brought it all for the Olympics.  I want her in floor finals.  I want her to have an Olympic medal on the event.  Period.

Anna Pavlova–  I want her to do well and to make beam and floor finals.  I bet she will make vault.  Sentimental fave.

This is it for now.  I can’t wait to watch everything tonight!!!!!!!!!

Again, I am sorry for the lack of posting!!!!  Anyone else mad that every event after tonight doesn’t begin until 10 or 11pm (eastern)???  I feel REALLY bad for those out in California.

I AM SO FRIGGIN EXCITED!  And i am soooooooooooooo tempted to go look at the results, but that will ruin the excitment for me when it airs in a few hours and I can’t do that….

By the way, this post has no pictures because this computer I am using is weird.





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6 responses to “Individual Hopes for Our Heroes

  1. Jay

    Hey I agree with all of your hopes!
    Does anyone know if Shawn is going to keep her fx downgraded for aa finals? She supposedly didn’t do the barani out of the 3rd front pass? She can’t afford to downgrade anything with Liukin so close to her, even with a fall!

  2. Hey!! 😀

    I’ve watched the live broadcast of the qualis! 😀 And I blogged about them all! But then again don’t read them cause it contains spoilers.

    Anyway, I have been checking this blog like every a few hours while I watch the qualifications cause I thought you would be watching it as well. then i rmbed it’s probably some unholy hours in the states while the competition is taking place ahhaha…

    anyway you will have a wooping time watching the uneven bars. my heart fell many times. but then again all the good bar workers qualified for finals. i’m so happy! especially for he kexin. you’ll know why. 🙂

    AND YES, CHENG UPGRADED HER FLOOR TO INSANITY! I think she saw Sandra’s crazy routine and decided to upgrade. But that’s great, it means she’s more sure of getting that gold. And vault will be between the PRK gymnast and Cheng. 😀 As for beam, LI SHANSHAN ALL THE WAY MAN! 😀 And I really hope He Kexin or yang yilin win the uneven bars title, though i know beth and nastia will both do really well too… And for AA, i guess it’s pretty much the shawn, nastia, yilin and yuyuan… yep.

    SO EXCITING I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Kathryn in NZ

    I’m sooo with you on Cheng Fei, Dragalescu, Hambuchen and Pavlova – they ROCK. I also want Shawn and Nastia to come away with at least one medal too (for putting up with the US selection process if nothing else!)

  4. Catherine

    -nastia’s BB score was actually fair, tim dagget, because she lowered her SV by missing a connection and she also had a couple wobbles
    -shawn’s score I thought was fair too, she has great landings but she also racks up a lot of deductions with her flexibility and chest positions. god I knew people would be surprised when they didn’t see the same scores from nats/trials.

    -nastia was put after alicia on floor because nastia has a higher SV and a more consistent routine than alicia. Alicia was probably under greater pressure because she knew she had to be flawless to go ahead of nastia to be the second american into fx finals and she blew it. I woulod be surprised at this point if she even competed on floor in TF
    -cheng only does 5 tumbling lines. she has a 6.6 SV which is the highest in the world. Izbasa has the second highest at 6.5

  5. TCO

    low chest is a .1. And her only low chests are on the standing full and the dismount. Shawn got robbed. Fei’s B score was too generous.

  6. TCO

    Fei on FX that is.

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