First Four Members of the Russian Olympic Team Announced

And they are:

Ksenia Afanasyeva, Yekaterina Kramarenko, Anna Pavlova and Ksenia Semyonova

The big surprise of course is that Yulia Lozhechko will be left off the team.  Read all about it here on International Gymnast Magazine.

The last two spots are between Svetlana Klyukina, Daria Yelizarova and Lyudmila Yezhova Grebenkova.

My vote is for Grebenkova, and I am hoping she will be needed now that one of the beam all-stars won’t be going.

I am curious, who out there thinks this is a mistake, and that Lozhechko should be on the team?



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2 responses to “First Four Members of the Russian Olympic Team Announced

  1. dave

    i think its a mistake not putting Lozhechko on the team. but she’s one of my favorites. and for the russian’s to talk openly about her having mental issues means that they probably aren’t going away anytime soon. but she did do so well earlier in the year. I don’t know.. i would have loved to see her floor and beam routines at the olympics. and she is one of their veteran leaders and the one who calmed down Kramarenko after vault in the 07 worlds. I was also still hoping (knew it was never going to happen but…) that Khorkina would make a comeback for bars and show up at the olympics LOL, the olympics won’t be the same without her.

  2. audgator

    I totally agree about Lozhechko! I also felt that the mental issues deal was kind of odd. She has never appeared to be a headcase, why would she all of the sudden become one now? I think it is odd, and I think it may have been a mistake as well.

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