China Releases Nominative Roster of Olympic Team

So I believe yesterday the nominative roster for China’s Olympic Team was announced. Here they are:

Cheng Fei
Jiang Yuyuan
Yang Yilin
He Kexin
Li Shanshan
Deng Linlin

Although no alternates were announced to my knowledge apparently they are:

1, Xiao Sha

2. He Ning

3, Sui Lu

Congratulations to the Chinese girls. That is pretty much what was expected, though the last time I blogged about this I simply forgot about Deng Linlin. I think she is a good choice as she is decently a solid AAer, and more importantly capable of a good beam score which is what I believe she was mainly chosen for.

No time to blog further. I am working on a really nice post, and beginning tomorrow I will be looking all over the place to find out selection camp info. I should find information by Thursday or Friday. This is a closed event, but information always seems to leak 🙂 Let’s hope it does! Speaking of that, anyone know the status of Shayla Worley? Because I do believe a healthy Shayla (who hits WELL during the selection camp competition) will go to Beijing.  But we will have to see what happens!


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