Results from the French Nationals Event Finals

First off, how excited is everyone that there will be FOUR HOURS of Olympic Trials coverage this week? Actually there is more if you include Men’s Artistic. Before we get to the subject of the post here is a schedule of Olympic Trials on NBC (Eastern Time. And I always check

Saturday, June 21st. Men’s Trials; 4:30-6:00pm. Women’s; 8:00-10:00pm.

Sunday, June 22nd. Women’s Trials; 7:00-9:00pm. Uhhh, did I miss another Men’s?

And now to the conclusion of the French Nationals! Here are the scores from Event Finals…

Vault- Cheng Fei was first with a 15.275, this includes a DTY and the Cheng. Jiang Yuyuan was 3rd with a 13. (???) Both vaults appeared to be a 5.8 SV. I have no idea what is going on with that. EDIT- She performed two DTY’s thus earning a deduction, she did score around a 15.

Bars- Of course the awesome Yang Yilin won this event with a score of 16.825. Jiang Yuyuan was second with a 15.275 (according to the source, this was a 7.2 A-score, a tenth lower than yesterday.)

Beam- Marine Petit won with a 15.350 (6.3) and Sui Lu followed with a the same score (6.9). Marine Debauve, making a comeback was in 3rd with a 15.325 (6.4). Way to go for her. Yang Yilin produced the same score with a 6.5 A-score.

Floor- Jiang Yuyuan won the event with a 15.425 (6.3). Cassy Vericel followed with a 15.000 (6.4) and I hear she is doing some great tumbling, including the piked double arabian. Yang Yilin must have had a fall as she ended up 6th with a 13.000.

So what does this mean for the shape of the Chinese Team? I would say that Sui Lu is putting herself out. She just doesn’t seem to be consistent enough. Yang Yilin is not really affected (but I would say to the AAers of the world LOOK OUT!) Assuming everyone is back to full difficulty (notably Cheng and Jiang), then here’s what we have for the Team Final:

VT- Cheng, Jiang, Yang, He Kexin

UB- Kexin, Yang, Jiang

BB-???? Cheng. Who else?

FX- Cheng, Jiang, Yang?

China’s hole appears to be balance beam. Assuming Cheng, Jiang, He, Yang are all going, they need two beamers. Isn’t this getting ironic? The US team was looking to fill their last two spots for bars and now the Chinese appear to be doing the same thing. The US has a 6.6-6.7, a 6.9-7.0, and 6.8-7.0 for beam. THis may be the spot where the US can gain some ground on China. Who can fill in these beam spots for China? For all of you who comment and have continuously stated that Li Shanshan will be on that team, you may be right. China will need some good scores there. So I think those last two spots will be between Li, Xiao Sha, Pang Panpan, Deng Linlin, and yes oh yes, Zhang Nan. How awesome would it be to have Zhang Nan on the team? That would make my day because she was one of my favorites.

What does everyone else think? I REALLY think beam is the short spot on the Chinese team, and I think the last two spots will be determined by that event. Who do you think will get those spots?



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7 responses to “Results from the French Nationals Event Finals

  1. MRR

    Interestingly, I think Triple P and Shanshan should join Cheng, Kexin, Yilin, and Yuyuan on the team. Triple P has potential for a slightly higher score on UB than Yuyuan, whereas Shanshan has the highest A-score of anyone in the world on BB, so a fall won’t get that low of a score. The Chinese should really consider using Yang on BB in team finals. Not a beam specialist by any means, but she is one of the most reliable competitors that the Chinese have. (Her subpar scores on BB and FX in event finals were likely due to the immense stamina required for a two-day meet when there are no break days in between AA finals and event finals.) Yang doesn’t have huge BB scoring potential, but her falling is far more unlikely than Shanshan, Sha, or Sui. Putting Shanshan and Sha/Lu would be an extremely risky choice for the Chinese.

  2. david

    Jiang did DTY twice instead of two different vaults. That’s a 2 points deduct. So her DTY score was actually around 15.000 range.

    Jiang did pretty well in the FX final though with a score of 15.425 (6.3), good enough for team final.

    I agree, right now Li Shanshan seems to be a lock to the Olympic team.

  3. dave

    After reviewing the girls UB sets (just b/c i feel they are all good on beam and some subpar on bars) and it may come down to who can hit both UB and beam in prelims. And the more i think about it, i keep going back to 2000 when the chinese were so successful as a team and that year they had all girls with at least worlds experience (maybe not that one that scratched on vault in the TF – but the rest) and they had two prior olympians in Kui Yuan Yuan and Liu Xuan and i think that really helped. So i would like to think that Zhang Nan could really help them but not if she can’t hit an UB routine. In a sport based a lot on reputation bringing the reigning all-around bronze medalist helps, but also the reigning silver medalist on beam. and i don’t see them risking taking two girls weak on bars and one that doesn’t do them at all. If PPP is healthy i think they will bring her and Li SS because both are good on Beam and Floor as well and PPP really good on bars. If PPP can only contribute on Bars I see them bringing Deng Linlin instead. I don’t know, the only way i see Zhang Nan going is if they don’t bring Shanshan. But Nan is one of my favorites too. I guess we’ll see, but that’s just my thought.

  4. Mr Solis

    My guess: CHF, HKX, YY, JYY, DLL and LSS.
    I guess it was Li Shanshan and Sui Lu, but SUi blew her chances at the French nats, so the logical choice will be DEng Linlin, who has been sended to multiple international meets. I would be astonished if they bring Zhang Nan, but a bit delighted as well. PPP could be the alternate but I’m afraid nothing more: they haven’t put her into international competition for ages (except ub in Moscow) and her injury has comprimised her progression. I was at Toulon and I’m afraid Cheng Fei is still brilliant but a bit far from her peak form, I hope I’m wrong because I want her to win everything she cans…

  5. zina

    is it true that yilin will have an amanar for thr olympics? she has been seen doing it in practice along with yuyuan.

  6. audgator


    I have not heard that rumor, but you never know!

  7. Mato

    You are best Yilin:))

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