What’s Going on at the Moscow World Cup

Here are some reports (mostly scoreless) from the qualifying rounds of the 2008 Moscow World Cup. You can also youtube it up here.

  • Sui Lu fell on both beam and floor. I believe she still qualified to beam finals though. I think the score was in the 15.100 range. I wonder if this hinders her Olympic chances. Her beam was solid though other than the fall which I think happened on a flipflop-layout.
  • Deng Linlin also fell during her beam routine. On a side-somi. Everything else looked pretty good. She still got I believe a 15.425.
  • Lauren Mitchell lead the qualifications on beam. 15.700. Nice. She got a 13.925 on floor.
  • Ksenia Semenova is 2nd on beam with a 15.500. I like that girl. I think she is going to end up in the beam finals in Beijing.
  • Anna Pavlova did well. From what I understand she qualified into both vault and beam finals. Supposedly didn’t want to do floor because she didn’t like the way it felt. Her beam was nice. I watched it.
  • Dasha Joura supposedly got a 14.550 on floor. I wonder what went wrong there.
  • Jade Barbosa– 15.250 on beam and a 13.950 on floor. I believe she still qualified even with that score.
  • Ksenia Afanasyeva got a 14.125 on floor.



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7 responses to “What’s Going on at the Moscow World Cup

  1. Isis

    Aaargh! Why can’t the Chinese be a bit more consistent on the beam? When they hit, they’re just beautiful to watch, but they seem to fall off the apparatus about as often as not…

    I think Sui Lu will need to hit her beam routine in the EF in order to preserve her chances of being picked for the Olympic team. If she falls again, that will pretty much mean that mentally, she isn’t ready for a major competition. Combine that with the fact that the international judges don’t know her, and you really need to leave her off the team. If she does hit in the EF, however, that’s a different issue. I do hope she does well – I really like the girl and that beam routine of hers.

  2. MikeC

    I wouldn’t go as far as saying that the Chinese hit as often as they don’t; I would say that is only true of certain athletes (Xiao Sha, Li Shanshan, and now I guess Sui Lu). Sui Lu really needs to deliver in beam finals, otherwise I would leave her off my team. I LOVE her style and her lines, and she may even be my favorite gymnast on beam and floor, but if she can’t hit, she is not an asset to the Chinese team!

  3. Isis

    You may be right, MikeC, but Li Shanshan, Xiao Sha, and Sui Lu are China’s best beam workers (when they hit, that is). If none of them makes it onto the Chinese team due to their lack of consistency, China’s chances of medaling on the balance beam will be pretty slim. I guess there’s a possibility of Cheng Fei snatching a medal on the event, but I don’t know how likely that is…

    In any case, I think it’s safe to say that, in terms of consistency, the beam is currently China’s shakiest event.

  4. MikeC

    Oh my, looking at the videos, that seems to be some floor mat! Afanasyeva, Sui, and the Croatian gymnast all fell, badly. And Deng Linling’s landings were shakier than usual. I think that 90% of Sui’s problems had to do with the floor mat. Although it seems like she wasn’t able to gain her composure afterwards; she was off-pace with her routine by about 3 seconds.

  5. Isis

    You may be on to something there, MikeC. I read somewhere that Anna Pavlova complained about the floor mat, and didn’t compete floor because of that. If there really was something wrong with the mat, then: what an embarrassment for the organizers!

    In any case, I don’t think that Sui Lu will be on the Chinese Olympic team after this. She only got 15.400 in the BB EF. I don’t know whether she fell or was merely wobbly, but 15.400 is not at all impressive. Sui Lu clearly has potential, but she doesn’t seem ready for a big competition. Now, Deng Linlin might just snatch a spot. Cheng Fei, Jijang Yuyuan, He Kexin, and Yang Yilin are all going to the Olympics. They’re capable of covering everything except for two beam slots in the team finals. China, of course, has a bunch of beautiful beam workers, but they all seem plagued by inconsistency. I think they’d be wrong not to send Li Shanshan: that girl can score super high if she hits, and even if she misses, she can post a decent score. (Though, frankly, I don’t much like watching Li Shanshan. She just seems so awkward to me somehow…) I’d LOVE to see Pang Panpan make the team, but for that, she’d need to be able to score high on the beam, and I have no idea what her beam is looking like right now. I also like Xiao Sha, but I don’t think she’s going. It might not be a bad idea to send a veteran like Zhang Nan, not so much for her scoring potential as for her ability to pull the team together. A team consisting of Cheng Fei plus five rookies runs some non-negligible risk of falling apart under pressure (and they’ll be under some serious pressure at the Olympics).

  6. Isis

    “It might not be a bad idea to send a veteran like Zhang Nan, not so much for her scoring potential as for her ability to pull the team together.”

    Never mind. Scratch that. I just watched Zhang Nan’s UB and BB routines from the Chinese Nationals. She fell on them both. The only thing that Zhang Nan would have going for her would be her stability. And right now, she’s not looking terribly stable. Or at all stable…

    Still, it would be a good idea, I think, to pick one more gymnast (in addition to Cheng Fei) with a lot of international experience. I’m not sure who would be the best person for the job, though.

  7. TCO

    They’re all 14 year olds except Fei.

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