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What’s Going on at the Moscow World Cup

Here are some reports (mostly scoreless) from the qualifying rounds of the 2008 Moscow World Cup. You can also youtube it up here.

  • Sui Lu fell on both beam and floor. I believe she still qualified to beam finals though. I think the score was in the 15.100 range. I wonder if this hinders her Olympic chances. Her beam was solid though other than the fall which I think happened on a flipflop-layout.
  • Deng Linlin also fell during her beam routine. On a side-somi. Everything else looked pretty good. She still got I believe a 15.425.
  • Lauren Mitchell lead the qualifications on beam. 15.700. Nice. She got a 13.925 on floor.
  • Ksenia Semenova is 2nd on beam with a 15.500. I like that girl. I think she is going to end up in the beam finals in Beijing.
  • Anna Pavlova did well. From what I understand she qualified into both vault and beam finals. Supposedly didn’t want to do floor because she didn’t like the way it felt. Her beam was nice. I watched it.
  • Dasha Joura supposedly got a 14.550 on floor. I wonder what went wrong there.
  • Jade Barbosa– 15.250 on beam and a 13.950 on floor. I believe she still qualified even with that score.
  • Ksenia Afanasyeva got a 14.125 on floor.



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