Buying Gymnastics Meets

I just wanted to throw it out there if anyone is interested.

If you want to own pretty much any broadcast of a gymnastics meet, you can. Click here to look at a great store of my “gymnastics dealer”. Her email is on there and whatnot if you want to purchase anything.

Let me just say that this site and the person who runs it is awesome. She is quick and friendly. Plus, all her listings give an honest rating of the quality PLUS a list of exactly who you will see and on what apparatus. Also, she tends to own several different broadcasts of some of the major meets. (For example, I own both the BBC and Eurosport broadcasts of 2005 Worlds). Oh, one of the best things is that her broadcasts are complete and the COMMERCIALS HAVE BEEN EDITED OUT.

I’m not sure if I stated this in an earlier post, but I stated buying gym meets on Ebay, and when I happened to buy one from her, I thought she was really well organized, more honest, and cheaper than other buyers. We then became friends, because she is cool, and prior to starting this site and discovering message boards I had never had a place to discuss the wonderful sport of artistic gymnastics.

What more can I say? She is honest, trustworthy, nicely priced, has an IMMENSE collection, and when new meets come up she gets them awfully quick!

Let me know if there are any questions. Even if you don’t want to buy anything I highly recommend looking at the very vastly awesome collection!


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