Who Will Be…In Beijing. Event Finals Predictions

So with a few more competitions that have happened recently, a look into whom is virtually locked, should be, and who I want to be in event finals this August.


1. Cheng Fei– Duh. She can fall and still qualify.

2. Hong Su Jong– Same deal. If she throws both those 6.5ers she’s in.

3. Alicia Sacramone

4. Oksana Chusovitina

5. Jade Barbosa– Don’t know how I forgot her! Again she throws enough difficulty (and cleanly enough) that I can’t envision her NOT being in finals.

All of the above I would say should be in finals because they have the highest vault difficulty. I cannot even begin to predict the other 50%. But I am hoping for Anna Pavlova, because I want her to be in everything she can be in. Also Elena Zamolodchikova as she is a sentimental favorite.


1. He Kexin

2. Nastia Liukin

3. Yang Yilin

4. Ksenia Semenova

5. Beth Tweddle

I think those five will be in finals, the first three again could fall and still qualify! Others that I think have a good chance of making it are maybe Steliana Nistor. Maybe Daria Zygoba. How cool would it be if Chellsie Memmel got in there!!!


These are just my predictions in no order:

1. Shawn Johnson

2. Nastia Liukin

3. Ksenia Semenova

4. Sui Lu (I really think she is going to be on that team)

5. Cheng Fei or another Chinese qualifier

6. Yulia Lozcheko

7. Steliana Nistor

8. Sandra Izbasa?

I really think that the top eight spots will be 2 USA, 2 China, 2 Romania, 2 Russian. Maybe one or two of those not happening and someone from another country getting in. I think it would be awesome if Stefani Bismpikou or Anna Pavlova were in there. NOTE: Someone pointed out in the comments that Pavlova is way awesome and that she is more than just vault finals. Yes, I completely agree. Her style is one of my favorites, and I actually like her on beam the best, I was just thinking in the last post that vault was just most likely for her to make.


1. Shawn Johnson

2. Alicia Sacramone

3. Cheng Fei

4. Sui Lu or Jiang Yuyuan

5. Sandra Izbasa!!!!

6. Dasha Joura

7. EDIT- Beth Tweddle. She’s in the 6.4 and higher club.

Who else I would really like to see is Daiane Dos Santos. I also would like Vanessa Ferrari to be in there. Yes, I am a Ferrari fan. I like her on floor. Yes, I put Joura in there. She just turned in a 6.3 A-score at Australian Nationals and got like 1 15,700! She should be in this final. She better be. I think the 6.5 and above crowd is who will be battling for gold.

Overall, I think Cheng Fei has the best chance to make 3 event finals. That would be so cool if she scored 4 gold medals. 4 medals of any color would be awesome.

This was rather quickly typed. I am so excited about Nationals. I can wait to reevaluate the O-Team predictions after Nationals are over.

By the way, NBC is broadcasting the senior women event Saturday, June 7th from 4pm to 6pm Eastern time. I am wondering, are they doing both days coverage that day? Usually we get 1 hour on one day, and another hour on another day. So I am wondering how they are doing this. Both days, or just a lot of coverage on Day 2 with some flashbacks of the first day. Hmmmm. I swear that the 04′ Nationals was like an hour and a half each day of competition. This is important dammit us gym fans need to see what is going on! So I guess I am hoping for extended coverage of Day 2. Sigh, anyone remember 2005 Nationals? Yes, they only showed the same 4 girls both days.

Whatever, I am excited.



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7 responses to “Who Will Be…In Beijing. Event Finals Predictions

  1. Good list.

    Vault qualification to finals is based on ONE vault though, I believe.

    Having two strong vaults only helps if you make finals.

  2. Isis

    Rick, I think you’re wrong. Gymnasts who wish to qualify for the vault finals have to do two vaults in qualifications. (I imagine this is why nobody’s suggesting that Jiang Yuyuan or Shawn Johnson will make the vault finals, in spite of the fact that they’re both throwing Amanars; presumably, these gymnasts don’t have a strong second vault.)

  3. Matt

    Where’s Beth Tweddle in your floor predictions?! She has qualified to floor finals the last 3 worlds! If she hits she could medal!

    P.S Her new 7.4 bars is fab!

  4. audgator


    You are right. I forgot about her floor!

  5. bettycoltrane

    Jade wasn’t in any of your predictions (on purpose?), but she can do a great Amanar (i forgot what her second vault is), and I like her on beam too. She has a lot of difficulty, a light landings, nice arms. Her standing back pike is a nice little refreshing change.

  6. audgator


    MY BAD! I can’t believe I forgot her. I typed that last post too quickly, and she is not the only person I missed! I will go edit (again) 🙂

  7. Thiago

    Jade’s second vault will be The Cheng. Now not only Cheng Fei and Su Jong can throw two 6.5 vaults, Jade can too. As far as I know, Alicia is training an Amanar, but I don’t thinks she will medal. I mean, she has started training the Amanar only recently, while Jade trains The Cheng since november 2007. Zamo is out of the Olympics, so I’m betting on Pavlova, Ariella Kaeslin and Marissa King for the remaining spots.

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