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Some News to Share of Shawn from the US May Training Camp

Shawn Johnson did well at the training camp. She beat Nastia Liukin, Samantha Peszek and Chelsea Davis followed.

Shawn supposedly nailed her Amanar, and is doing the front pike on beam (making a 7.0 A-score). Her UB still have the toe-full bail on UB (which she did do at the Jesolo meet, making a 6.3 A-score). And her whip-triple twist combo got all the way around. Yesssss! Go Shawn.

Nastia stood up tumbling and whatnot, 1.5 yurchenko was performed and supposedly she had a bit of trouble with it. I also hear of ankle problems again. She did hit her bar routine.

Chellsie Memmel supposedly has around a 7.0 on bars! If that is true and she stays healthy and hits, I really think she will be on the Olympic Team. I really hope so, Chellsie is a sentimental favorite.

We will also be seeing Ashley Priess along with Memmel at this upcoming friendly meet.

Can’t wait! That is all the details I have. It will be very interesting to see what Alicia Sacramone and Ivana Hong have in the upgrade department. They will join Priess and Memmel at this meet. For a lot of good interviews and Hong stating her changing of skills on the uneven bars please visit gymnast.com.

Edit to post:  I just read that Shawn actually finished her floor with the full-in and fell on it.  Don’t know if it is true or not…



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