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Scores from the Chinese Nationals

Ok, some scores started pouring out.  Here’s what I got so far…..

Cheng Fei– on a yurchenko double and the Cheng a 15.5 and 16.1.  FX was a 6.3 and she got a 15.750.

Jiang Yuyuan– 16.100 for her SOLID Amanar, and 15.700 for her FX with a 6.3 A-score. 15.850 on UB, and 15.2 on beam.  I think she will be doing well in the AA come Beijing time 🙂

Li Shanshan– 16.950 for beam!!  That seems a little high, some of these scores do.  I am wondering if her difficulty was back up to a 7.5.  I wouldn’t count her out of the mix yet!

Sui Lu– 16.650 on beam with a 7.1 A-score.  A 15.700 on FX.  I LIKE this girl!  She needs to be on the Olympic team, and her barani Korbut combo on beam is rockin.

Yang Yilin did great!  Stuck DTY for a 15.350, 17.050 on bars, 14.450 on beam, 15.200 for FX.  Not bad!  With a hit BB she is also in the AA mix for Beijing.

Xiao Sha got a 16.300 on beam.

He Kexin not only got a 17.300 on bars but a 15.300 for her DTY.

He Ning scored a 16.050 on bars with a 7.0 A-score.

Pang Panpan is out with an ankle injury.

Who I see on the Olympic Team-

Cheng Fei

Jiang Yuyuan

He Kexin

Yang Yilin

Sui Lu

And the last spot I see as a toss up between Xiao Sha and Li Shanshan.  I really like He Ning though.



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Chinese Nationals -Team Finals Results

Ok, I have NO scores.  But here is what I witnessed via youtube….

Jiang YuyuanJ‘s Amanar is GREAT!  She took a small step, that was it.  Floor was solid too (fell out of triple spin)

Cheng Fei‘s new FX music is not my favorite.  I think she had watered down tumbling.  Did well on beam.

He Ning fell off beam, so did Deng Linlin

Zhang Nan did good on beam and floor

Sui Lu has sold me.  They need her scores, and that little girl looks confident

He Kexin rocked her UB set.

Yang Yilin‘s new bar set is pretty cool.  LOTS of pirouettes.

Li Shanshan had a solid beam routine.

These are appearing by the minute.  These videos can be viewed here


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