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More Fantastic News on China!

Some exciting news to share again on the Chinese Team. After the Internal Test Event conducted, a few of the team members were supposedly selected. Remember, this is all from what I have read, but a truly wonderful gymnastics source…

Competing on the Olympic team

  • Cheng Fei
  • Jiang Yuyuan
  • He Kexin
  • Yang Yilin

For the last two spots it is between

  • He Ning
  • Sui Lu
  • Pang Panpan
  • Xiao Sha

I would put Xiao Sha and Sui Lu on the team. Xiao Sha is amazing on beam, and Sui Lu brings a very, very decent A-score on floor. China is going to be extremely ahead of the US in start scores. And two potential 17’s on bars is huge. Of course, only time will tell!



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News on China!

Ok. This information was received through message boards and usually this stuff is right in my experience. So here is what was received in a recent Internal Chinese event…

  • Jiang Yuyuan is competing the Amanar. On day 2 she received a 15.700. She placed 2nd on floor. She had some mistakes on uneven bars.
  • He Kexin got a 17.00 on uneven bars!!!!
  • Cheng Fei got a rumored 9.6 B-score on her Cheng vault. Her beam was very solid but only did a 2.5 twist dismount.
  • Deng Linlin won the AA and has a 7.0 start value on beam. I am thinking that she is definitely earning an Olympic spot if she scores consistently here on out.
  • Xiao Sha won beam, couple of problems on bars and vault, but placed 2nd or 3rd in the AA. I think this girl is totally going.
  • Yang Yilin only did bars due to her recent foot injury at Cottbus, but she did great and placed 2nd to He Kexin.
  • Li Shanshan had the highest start value on beam (7.3) but had lots of wobbles. I am thinking if she continues to perform like this she may miss the Olympic team as she is pretty much a beam specialist and China has A-scores out of this world.
  • Sui Lu (whoever that is) had start values of 6.4 (!!!) on floor and 7.1 on beam. She supposedly placed top 3 on those events. Consistency could definitely put her on the team as that is a much needed floor score.
  • He Ning, Zhang Nan, Pang Panpan, and Zhou Zhouru were all there but lacked difficulty. Pang scored 4th in the AA. These may represent the alternates.

Overall, China will knock USA out of the park on their A-scores for bars and beam. Also, they are now ahead on vault as well. Hopefully, Samantha Pezseck will bring forth the rumored Amanar, which would but USA slightly ahead. China may even have the start value advantage on floor as well. If China hits, I think they will probably beat the USA.

A revised look at who will compete for China:

Cheng Fei, vault, floor, (beam)

Jiang Yuyauan, vault, floor, bars

Xiao Sha, beam

He Kexin, bars, (vault)

Deng Linlin, beam

Sui Lu, beam, floor

I am missing a 3rd spot on bars there. Hmmm, Yang Yilin I would probably take over the spot of Deng Linlin. And actually, I just read that Yang’s possible UB score was 16.800….that would definitely buy her a spot on the team.


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Gator Gymnastics comes in 4th

The headline is all I really want to write about it.

They lost out on 3rd by a half tenth.

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The Gator Gymnastics team competed today at the NCAA National Prelims. They tied for third with Standford, both teams earning 196.900. Georgia is looking for their fourth consecutive team title and used the home court advantage to qualify first with a 197.625. In second place Utah scored a 196.950, just a half tenth in front Florida and Stanford.

Melanie Sinclair tied for 3rd in the All-Around with a score of 39.525. Go Melanie. 2000 Olympian Tasha Schwikert of UCLA won the title with a 39.600, a half tenth in front the the favorite to win, Utah’s Ashley Postell, also the 2002 Wold Balance Beam Champion.

The gators gave up some tenths with steps on vault, as well as dismounts from bars and beam. They sored quite well on floor. In my opinion, Georgia is going to have to count a fall for any team to beat them.


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Thinking more about the US Olympic Team…

So I have been thinking heavily about the gaps that the defending world champion team is having for the Olympics.  I have been sorting out who should fill in the gaps….

First we have our locks.  (Please keep in mind when I talk about locks I am not considering the fact that injuries could happen.)  Shawn Johnson, Nastia Liukin, and Alicia Sacramone make up half of the Olympic Team.  Let’s consider the team final with the certain US gymnasts…

Shawn- VT, BB, FX

Nastia- UB, BB

Alcia- VT, BB,FX


Beam is set.  If someone emerges very consistent and who can top Sacramone’s 6.6 A-score, then maybe they will take her place. With hit routines, Shawn and Nastia will score over 16’s.

The biggest problem comes on the uneven bars, where we still need two solid and high scores.  With hit routines, China will probably score all 16+’s.  He Kexin and Nastia will pretty much cross each other out, but China’s other key players will score very close or over 16.  The USA has no other gymnasts consistently able to match China here.  Another thing to consider is that bars seems to pull in the highest scores.

Vault we only need one more competitor.  I feel we have the edge over China on this event, but you never know with all these Amanar upgrade rumors.  Regardless of what I hear, my ultimate prediction is that we will come out over China on this event.

Floor.  Again only one more solid routine is needed.  I feel that if Johnson does all her upgrades and does have that 6.5 A-score, then her and Cheng Fei will cancel each other out pretty much.  Jiang Yuyuan and Alicia are nearly matched though I think Sacramone does have the higher score of the two.  Not as much as vault, but I do feel that the USA again will come out with a higher total.

Overall- Bars is an event we need to be matched on.  We need the highest possible scores here (well on every event!) especially if each team counts no major errors.  With hit routines, China will probably score slightly ahead of the US on beam.  A lot depends on what they bring to the table in vault and floor.  But bar scores too far under 16 when Kexin is scoring nearly a 17, they could pull ahead.

Who is the best fit for the gaps:

Shayla Worley is the next highest score on uneven bars in the USA.  A hit routine for her I think would score in the 15.7 range which is not enough.  She could be on the team for this one reason though.  She does not fill the gap on floor and vault though.  All in all, with no developments on uneven bars, I would have to see the Olympic Team needs her.

Chellsie Memmel could help out on bars IF she gets her difficulty back up.  But she needs her A-score much higher than we’ve seen with a healthy Chellsie.  If she does upgrade very well (and even if she can get say a 6.6 and NO one else can match) she could also easily make the team.  Also, remember Chellsie DOES fill in very nicely for the 3rd floor spot.  She scored a 15.5 In December at the Toyota Cup.  If she gets her DTY back, she can also take the last vault spot.  All in all, scoring more than 15.6 and keeping that high A-score on floor will put Chellsie on the team.

Samantha Peszek does not help the bar score at all.  Possible rumor upgrades, but consistency is going to be the key here.  What she does do really well is fill in the 3rd vault spot….in fact better than any other National Team member does.  She also might have an Amanar and that would be an evener bigger plus.  She also can fill in the 3rd spot on floor quite well.  All in all, most likely will make the team if floor stays upgraded and clean.  The Amanar doesn’t hurt.  A difficult and consistent Sam throughout Nationals and Trials will be on the Olympic Team.

Ivana Hong CAN fill the bars gap a bit.  She gets hit so very hard by the B-panel, and if the routine stays the same her bar routine is barely worth a 15.  Johnson will be in the lineup before that is even considered.  Although she could help out on vault, her DTY can be inconsistent.  She also does not contribute to the final floor spot.  All in all, only a really strong and cleaned up bars set will put Hong on the team.  There really is no use for her otherwise.

Jana Bieger also doesn’t help out much.  Her bars form is too weak, she does not have a DTY, and her floor lacks the difficulty it held nearly two years ago.  She needs to get her floor start score back up to a 6.4.  All in all, I can’t envision a way Jana is on the team other than in an alternate position.

Darlene Hill in my opinion doesn’t have a high enough A-score on bars.  I love her floor but I think international judges are not going to give the routine the same kind of scores the Pacific Rim gave her. All in all,  if her difficulty were over a 6.6 on bars I would say maybe she has a chance.

Bridget Sloan….what IS her current A-score on bars?  Still, we need 16’s or very close and I don;t think she is capable.

What’s going on with Ashley Priess?  She has the form, what is her A-score like these days on bars?

So as of now, aside from the three locks, two of the remaining spots are going to Peszek and Worley.  And honestly I think if Chellsie holds up on bars she is also there.


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“Who Will Be…in Beijing” Teams outside USA

This entry is my opinion on who outside of the USA will be at the Olympics.


Locks include Cheng Fei for obvious reasons.  Do I really need to go there?  I would also say Jiang Yuyuan is going.  She is a solider all-arounder who has a chance for a medal.  She would be valuable on VT,UB,FX in team finals.  Xiao Sha has also impressed me, especially with her recent beam win at Cottbus.  She looked so confident!  He Kexin I would also put on the team, Li Shanshan is superior on beam but she has been faltering.  Yang Yilin I would also put on there.

So fat I think the team will be: Cheng Fei, Jiang Yuyuan, He Kexin, Qiao Sha, Yang Yilin, Li Shanshan.


Steliana Nistor and Sandra Izbasa I consider definite locks for the team.  I honestly don’t have much knowledge on many others.  I believe it is Daniela Druncea whom I also like.


Ksenia Semenova is going.  Period.  So is Yulia Lozhecko.  The team I WANT to see besides these two includes Anna Pavlova, Yelena ZamolodchikovaLyudmila  Grenbenkova, and  Anna Myzdrikova (whose floor routine is awesome and I want in finals).  But honestly other than the first two I am not sure who they will take.


Dasha Joura is a complete lock.  I would pretty much consider Lauren Mitchell to be one as well.  Why oh why can’t Hollie Dykes return?  And I am not very familiar with the Aussie’s outside of Joura and Mitchell.

Other certified Olympians for 2008:

Vanessa Ferrari, Italy

Jade Barbosa, Brazil

Oksana Chusovitina, Germany

Beth Tweddle, Great Britain

Hong Su Jong, Korea


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New from the Cottbus Cup

  • The Highest Score (from a vaild international meet!) in this code of points has been achieved by He Kexin on the bars.  16.800!!!!!  WOW!  7.7 A-score.  Watch yuor back Nastia!  He is coming!
  • Li Shanshan has a 7.5 A-score on beam!  Highest again!  Some wobbles in qualifications though, ended up with a 16.00 and still in first place.
  • Sandra Izbasa‘s A-score on floor was a 6.3.  I am wondering if she didn’t compete full difficulty or if she simply wasn’t given credit on an attempted skill.
  • Daiane Dos Santos‘s A-score on floor was a 5.2!  Noooo!  What is happening!
  • Word is that Yang Yilin hurt her foot, possibly a break.  That would suck.  But I heard she collided with someone.  How do your break your foot like that?

that’s all for now.

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