Gator post #1…..Another win last night.

Another Victory last night for the Florida Gators defeating Arizona State 70-57 in the NIT Tournament (Which we like to call the Not Important Tournament). The Gators now head to Madison Square Gardens where they will play UMASS in the “Final Four”.

My roommate and I have discussed how very much Important this tournament has become to us. Winning it would put something very Important out. It would give our boys a taste of what victory feels, so that next year they can dominate in the NCAA Tournament. But even more importantly, it would follow the new Gator tradition that has emerged, in which for every basketball or football season we set a new record…..

1. Basketball Season 06′. The Gators mark the first time UF has ever won the National Championship.

2. Football Season 06′. Winning the National Championship here marked the first time a school won in the same calendar year. Thus, basketball and football champions 06′.

3. Basketball Season 07′. This National Championship marked this first time a team won back to back championships with the same starting five. (I know haters, there have been back to back championships in basketball, but none with the same starters! Look it up!)

4. Football Season 07′. Though no championship here, we did have the Heisman for our lovely Tim Tebow. And the record here, first time the award went to an underclassmen, as Tebow was a Sophomore.

Which leads us to the newest possible record to set…..No basketball team has ever followed a national championship with a NIT championship.

And there you have it.
GO GATORS. gator-logo.jpg



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2 responses to “Gator post #1…..Another win last night.

  1. Justin Pizza

    Yeah, the second half of that game was pretty much a spanking.

    I’ve been trying to learn to care about basketball simply so I have something to watch when it’s not football season. It’s just not my favorite sport at all.

    UF needs a hockey team!

  2. i very happy that the gators win last night . they rock. they rock the house down.GO GATORS! GO GATORS! GO GATORS ! GO GATORS!

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