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Another minor report about the Pacific Rim

1. Nastia fell from the uneven bars. Had another error again with the Pak salto. Tooo bad. She also messed up some more on floor. For the record, it is not that I dislike Nastia, it’s just that I feel she is NOT AN ALL-AROUND GYMNAST! Dammit. I know she has beautiful form. So beautiful that it seems where she lacks it is completely overlooked. I understand that you can dance up a storm, but when you tumble, you’re all over the place. Form on the floor, should be about TUMBLING as well as dance. Last time I checked, this sport was called gymnastics, not ballet.

2. Judging again seems to favor the Americans. I hate that. Ludmilla Ezova (or however you spell her name) was robbed blind on bars.

hmmm, that’s all I care to report on now.


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A minor report of the Pacific Rim Championships

Nastia Liukin won the AA at the Pacific Rim Competition this weekend. She got her 7.7 A-Score for her bars set, and several BS execution scores for each event, and that’s about all I care to say. Jana Bieger got second place, and Daria “Dasha” Joura received 3rd.

In other news, Rebecca Bross won the junior AA and picked up 3 additional golds (one tie) for event finals. Qualifying to all four event finals, I noticed her UB score was a 9.2! (yes, total). Immediately I could only hope she was alright because that score says that she must have not finished the routine.

Well, apparently, she fell, then just ripped off the bar and fell onto her head. She supposedly seemed to be okay. Well, I guess so, because then she went on to win beam and floor. Good gracious, talk about a fighter. Truly commendable! I proclaim her winner of the day. I am waiting for youtube vids of her finals, I heard her FX score was a 15.5 or so, pretty high. Earlier this year I predicted that Bross would be the 2009 world AA champion, but I gotta look into Samantha Shapiro. And although I am not sure of ages here, isn’t it Jordyn Wieber a youngin loaded with a lot of bad assery skills? I can’t think right now.

Waiting for youtubers to get some more videos up and waiting for the senior EF to commence.

Go Rebecca Bross

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Gator post #1…..Another win last night.

Another Victory last night for the Florida Gators defeating Arizona State 70-57 in the NIT Tournament (Which we like to call the Not Important Tournament). The Gators now head to Madison Square Gardens where they will play UMASS in the “Final Four”.

My roommate and I have discussed how very much Important this tournament has become to us. Winning it would put something very Important out. It would give our boys a taste of what victory feels, so that next year they can dominate in the NCAA Tournament. But even more importantly, it would follow the new Gator tradition that has emerged, in which for every basketball or football season we set a new record…..

1. Basketball Season 06′. The Gators mark the first time UF has ever won the National Championship.

2. Football Season 06′. Winning the National Championship here marked the first time a school won in the same calendar year. Thus, basketball and football champions 06′.

3. Basketball Season 07′. This National Championship marked this first time a team won back to back championships with the same starting five. (I know haters, there have been back to back championships in basketball, but none with the same starters! Look it up!)

4. Football Season 07′. Though no championship here, we did have the Heisman for our lovely Tim Tebow. And the record here, first time the award went to an underclassmen, as Tebow was a Sophomore.

Which leads us to the newest possible record to set…..No basketball team has ever followed a national championship with a NIT championship.

And there you have it.
GO GATORS. gator-logo.jpg


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Why Cheng Fei Rocks

Cheng Fei As hoping to high hell that Shawn Johnson wins the AA in Beijing, I will also be hoping in the same manner that Cheng Fei takes home the vault gold medal. I may be mistaken, but I believe for the entire quad Cheng Fei has remained undefeated on vault. Either way, who else has won the same world title each WC throughout the quad? Especially in this day and age?

Cheng Fei supplied a heartbreaking moment in the Athens floor final. I couldn’t believe her score as well. It almost looks as if she steps out of bounds twice. After she steps out, she strikes a pose on one knee and her foot is over the line. I can’t find any evidence that suggests that she was penalized for 2 out of bounds. I have heard that she botched some dance combos or something. That is all pish posh to me. Cheng Fei rocks.

I also want for Cheng Fei to take home a medal on floor. I can’t make up my mind weather I want her or Shawn Johnson to bring home the gold on that one. Of course I also want medals for Alicia Sacramone and Daiane Dos Santos. Of course, granted Sacramone ups her difficulty a bit and Dos Santos is throwing some of her bad assery in the event.

Sigh, I can’t wait for August.


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First Gymnastics post. Why Shawn is my favorite.

First off, I have a sentimental reason for loving Shawn. The first (and only as of yet) elite competition I have gone to was the American Cup 2007. As we know, also Shawn’s senior debut. It is so very awesome to me that I got to view her firstvictory.

I knew very little of her before I saw anything, I had watched a couple of videos on youtube, but I knew her 06′ Nationals score would have won over the seniors. I was looking forward to see her, but was NOT prepared for what I saw 🙂

Shawn in Gator Colors

When she threw her dismount I jumped up and screamed and almost burst into tears, it was that pure of a moment for me. (For the record, I LOVE crying when I watch competitions, there are moments in my 100 DVD’s of broadcasts in which I still tear up when I see certain parts that tug at the heart). I can also remember the moment while watching her on floor that I thought, ‘OMG! She is it! The gymnast that I have been waiting for!’

I favor gymnastics that are high skill level with clean form. Well, despite what I hear (and do see) about her split leaps, I think her form is beautiful. What other gymnast has three “G” valued skills? One on each apparatus (minus vault of course, but she is capable of doing one of the hardest). And as far as her form goes, those legs are always GLUED together. Even Nastia the great, (and I am not bashing her) has leg separations on bars.

But you know what I love most of all? I love her attitude. It is soooo refreshing. She enjoys what she does and it seems to rare to witness happiness in today’s gymnasts. Her answers to questions are also refreshing. At the AA ceremony in Germany (which can totally be seen on WCSN, haven’t looked on youtube for it) she is asked if she ever expected to become World Champion and her reply is, “I never expected to go elite!” So much different than the typical, “It’s a dream come true,” answer.

I say the attitude thing because whereas I love Carly’s gymnastics so much, I did not care much for her attitude. It bothered me.

So needless to say, I want Shawn to win the AA soooooo bad. I also want a gold for her on beam and floor, though as long as she gets medals on those I will be fine. Besides, I also want Cheng Fei to win floor too and they can’t both win. (Doesn’t the Olympics break the ties now?) My next gush will be why Cheng Fei is my other favorite gymnast. 🙂

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My first blog

This is my first blog ever!  I started this because I am a HUGE gymnastics fan.  For the last gymnastics quad, I have been submerged into anything I can find to do with the sport.  Only recently have I discovered the world of gymnastics message boards and blogs and it is soooo neat to me that there is finally a place I can discuss with others of this wonderful sport!  I live in a world where I have NO ONE to talk to about gymnastics whatsoever, as everyone I know are huge Gator fans.  (Don’t get me wrong, I am too, but I can get sports conversation out of my friends beyond football and basketball)

So here I am, making a place where I can vent and discuss various topics, but this will be 99% gymnastics related. 🙂

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